In Kirov, they began to check the quality of road repair

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Specialists fix flaws

A seasonal survey of roads repaired in 2017-2020 within the framework of the national project “Safe and High-Quality Roads” began on April 7. Marina Barmina, deputy director of MKU “UDPI”, told about this.

According to Marina Barmina, this year they will check 268 objects repaired within the framework of the national project. Over the past week, specialists from the Department of Road and Park Infrastructure completed inspection of 72 sections of roads.

All defects that appeared after winter are fixed: the formation of cracks, pits. We pay attention to the condition of the curbs, the joining of asphalt with wells, – said Marina Gennadievna.

On April 20, a survey of the guaranteed sections of pedestrian zones, landscaped according to the federal program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”, will begin.

Based on the results of the inspection of the condition of the roadways and sidewalks, claims will be sent to contractors to eliminate the detected defects. This year, the deadline for the fulfillment of warranty obligations is set to June 10, – clarified Marina Barmina.