In Khimki, traffic police rescued a choking baby

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In the city of Khimki near Moscow, traffic police rescued a baby during a night shift, according to the 360 ​​TV channel on Thursday, August 6.

The inspectors were approached by a woman, in whose hands a child was choking due to a swallowed object; the traffic police promptly took them to the hospital.

Doctors were able to help the girl and on the same day she was discharged from the medical facility. The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs learned that the inspectors had saved the child from his mother Olga, who sent a letter of thanks to the department.

“We saved the life of a child. Low bow and all the most wonderful to you. We were taken to the Tushino hospital very quickly – fortunately, it’s only nine minutes away. We are very grateful. I wrote thanks, ”the woman said.

After the letter, the management summoned the inspectors and thanked them personally for their actions.

At the same time, senior police lieutenant Dmitry Baburin, who helped the mother with the baby, admitted that he did not see anything unusual in this act, since “any civilian could have done it.” Inspector Aleksey Uskov said that he felt “sincere fear for the child and mother.”

After discharge, Olga and her daughter flew to Vladivostok, where they live. However, soon the woman intends to return to Khimki to once again personally thank the inspectors.

On August 4, it was reported that in the town of Iznelo in the north of the Italian island of Sicily, forester Nunzio Mogavero rescued four small children from a burning house.

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