In Kazan, environmentalists will teach how to deal with a dangerous weed plant hogweed

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On April 24, Kazan will host an environmental action aimed at combating a dangerous plant – Sosnovsky’s hogweed, the mayor’s office of the Tatarstan capital reports. The “BorshcheViktori” team and the “Defense of Russian-German Switzerland” community together with the creative group at the Kazan City Hall and the Committee for External Improvement will hold an action that everyone can join. Environmentalists will tell and show the townspeople how to deal with hogweed in order to eradicate it completely.

The activists plan to free part of the territory of the “Russian-German Switzerland” from the weed, which has already captured 10 of the 30 hectares of the forest park zone.

A harmful plant destroys the ecosystem, displaces other plants, and also harms human health, ecologists remind. To take part in the action, you need to sign up in a group on social networks. Kazan residents must arrive in closed clothes, and the organizers will distribute the inventory on the spot. The gathering of participants will be scheduled for 10 a.m. at Podluzhnaya Street, under the Millennium Bridge, and at 16 Bari Galeeva Street.

By the way, on April 24 residents of Kazan are expected to attend a community volunteer clean-up within the framework of a two-month period for sanitary cleaning and improvement of the city.