In Just 8 Steps, You Can Determine An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social media marketing involves using social media platforms to sell or market a brand, business, product, or service. 

A social media marketing strategy entails a comprehensive overview of everything you plan to execute and hope to accomplish through social media marketing. It gives guidance to you during your entire marketing campaign and gives you an idea of whether your campaign is a success are you need to amend the plans. 

The more specific and detailed your plan is, the more effective and efficient your social media marketing outcomes will be. Keep it precise. A social media marketing company California

will focus on developing a social media marketing strategy based on your inputs and requirements before executing the campaign. 

In this post, we’ll present a nine-step plan for developing a winning social media strategy for your brand. 

A Detailed Guide To Creating Social Media Strategy

Determine Your Goals

The first and foremost step Universe’s social media marketing strategy should be determined in the goal. Your goal should include what exactly you want to achieve through the marketing strategy. 

Your goals should be SMART optimized (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and reasonable, and time-bound). here are the five most popular goals highlighted by professional content marketing strategy services agency: 

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • develop engagement among target communities. 
  • Sell products and services
  • Measure brand/business sentiment or customer perception towards your brand
  • Provide social customer service
  • Promote products and services to the target group
  • Track performance for adjusting larger marketing strategies accordingly.

Audit Existing Social Media Campaigns And Content

Before you can start planning your fresh strategy, you’ll need to gain an insightful understanding of how your existing social media strategy and channels are performing, so you can exactly know how what and where you require improvement. 

First, you’ll need to get a list of your social media profiles on various channels. Then, for each channel, evaluate the following: 

  • What content types perform best on which social platform?
  • What types of target users are interacting with you the most in which channel?
  • Which platforms are driving the maximum traffic to your website?
  • Does your account maintain uniformity across all platforms? 

Your social media marketing campaigns should be designed in a way that your target audience can discover and remember you. 

A professional digital marketing and WordPress development services can help you develop a website and social presence that truly resonates with your audience. 

Conduct Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis helps you to determine your competitors, understand what they are doing and how you can improve your strategies to get an edge in the market. Through competitor analysis, you will get a comprehensive idea of what is expected in your market and what untouched opportunities you can explore. 

There are three primary steps to competitor analysis used by leading content marketing strategy services: 

  • Determine your competitors
  • Gather data about their social media activities (Reach, engagements, posting frequency. content format, etc. )
  • Analyze their social media activities to gain information from the competitor data 


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Research Your Target Market And Develop Buyer Personas

If you are a newly launched business and starting out on your social media journey, you will need to start from scratch. However, if you have any existing social media presence, you will need to dig deeper to understand your audience and deliver relevant content. 

Create a persona with the assistance of your hired social media marketing company California for a complete understanding of the customer requirements or pain points and craft a social media strategy accordingly. 

Gather the following data: 

  • Demographics 
  • Geographical location 
  • Preferred languages 
  • Buying patterns and content consumption attitudes
  • Interests 
  • Social, political, and religious beliefs
  • Pain points and problem areas

Here are some tips and methods for collecting data to improve buyer persona: 

  • Interviewing customers 
  • Looking through your database of contacts 
  • Using forms and polls on your website and social media. 
  • Considering your sales team’s feedback. 

Set KPIs To Track Metrics

There are innumerable metrics your hired content marketing strategy services can track. But what specific metrics you choose depends on your social media marketing goals and objectives. Below are some examples:

  • For enhancing brand awareness, vital metrics include impressions, shares, reach, engagements, follower growth, and brand mentions. 
  • To improve conversions, focus on traffic to the business website via social media campaigns, conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc. 
  • For developing and managing an engaged community, shares and retweets, brand mentions, comments and engagement rate, audience growth rate, and response rate can be incredibly helpful metrics.  

Select The Right Social Media Platform

Perform detailed research and understand how each social media channel works and select the ones that are perfect for resonating with your brand voice. 

Additionally, consider the networks for your target audience is highly active. Apart from that, you will also need to have resources for creating content for specific channels. For example, for video content creation on YouTube, you will need a team of videographers and editors. For Instagram and Pinterest, graphic designers are more essential. 

Develop Content Bank

You have your campaign objective and selected the social media platforms for executing your campaigns. It’s now time to create a content bank for delivering the right message to your audience in a creative and unique way. 

Apart from creating new content, review the content available on your website and your offline marketing materials. Consider how you can repurpose and reuse them for creating engaging content on social media. 

Experienced digital marketing and WordPress development services will always assist you in creating a content bank for your social media posting. 

Develop A Content Schedule

Based on your marketing objectives, audience content consumption pattern, and the amount of content you have, decide how frequently you’d like to post or go live on social media and on what days.

Preparing a schedule avoids delays or missing out on important timelines. 


Social media is a vital digital marketing component that can significantly affect your brand presence in the industry. Therefore hire reputed content marketing strategy services to create high-quality content and improve your brand presence in the industry. 

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