In Indonesia, the serviceability of the engines of the crashed Boeing was confirmed

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Black box data from the crashed Indonesian Boeing 737-524 aircraft confirmed that both aircraft engines were in good working order at the time of the crash. On Sunday, January 17, the Daily Mail writes with reference to the National Committee for Transport Safety of Indonesia (KNKT).

It is noted that after confirming the serviceability of the aircraft’s engines, the cause of the crash remains unknown.

On January 15, experts extracted the data that was contained on a recorder that recorded the flight parameters. All 330 parameters are in good condition. The black box was found and recovered on January 12, and divers found it at sea off the coast of the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

On January 15, it became known about the discovery of the second black box Boeing 737-524, but on January 17 there was evidence that it was lost. According to the deputy head of the national search and rescue agency Bambang Surio Aji, at the moment the rescuers are unable to pick up the recorder signal.

According to the Detik portal, fragments of the device were previously found, but there was no memory.

On January 9, a Boeing 737-524 of Sriwijaya Air, flying from Jakarta to Pontianak, disappeared from radar four minutes after departure. After that, local media reported about the crash of the liner, and eyewitnesses said that the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea, presumably exploding.

Investigators dismissed the air blast version. It is assumed that the plane could explode when hitting water at a very high speed. This is indicated by the wreckage of the aircraft scattered over a small area.

Dani Saptiadi, a spokesman for the local Agency for Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics, noted that the crashed liner passed through a thunderstorm front during takeoff and found itself in a zone of strong turbulence.

According to the airline, there were 62 people on board, including 56 passengers and six crew members.

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