In Germany, they thought about closing the borders

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Despite the relatively high seven-day morbidity rate, Austria decided to relax its restrictive measures. From the arc side – in the Austrian region of Tyrol, a large number of mutated strain of coronavirus, recognized by experts as much more infectious than previously existed, was identified. In order to prevent the virus from entering Germany, the Bavarian authorities are considering closing the borders.

The weakening of quarantine measures in Austria, despite the high number of infected, was extremely worried by the Bavarian government. “Austria’s actions, from our point of view, are irresponsible,” CSU General Secretary Markus Blume said in an interview with RTL media group. He drew attention to the fact that the mutated virus, identified in the UK and South Africa, is rapidly spreading in a neighboring country, especially in the Tyrol region, which borders Bavaria.

“We will not allow this wave to spread across the border to us in Germany,” said Blume. “Therefore, it is necessary to reinforce border controls again.” Along with this, the politician believes, “the border closure should also be possible,” at least as an “ultima ratio”. Earlier, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder spoke about the possibility of closing the border between Bavaria and the Austrian region of Tyrol.

Under pressure from the economy and a large number of citizens on the country’s authorities, Austria has opened all stores since February 8 after a six-week quarantine. The country has tightened security measures. Wearing FFP2 masks is mandatory.

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