In Germany, health insurance premiums will increase, as will the amount at which the fees are charged

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Almost every year since January 2021, important changes in the compulsory health insurance system (GKV) that are relevant to the payment of taxes are introduced. Thus, from the new year, the maximum income taken into account when calculating contributions for compulsory health insurance will increase from 56,250 euros to 58,050 euros.

This innovation means that contributions to the GKV are payable from income up to 58,050 euros. There are no government health insurance fees for income above this threshold. Consequently, as a result of the increase in the threshold at which payments are levied, in 2021 high-paid employees will have to pay contributions from a higher portion of their income. Accordingly, their monthly contributions to the health insurance company will increase.

Another factor influences the increase in the contributions of persons insured with the state health insurance company: the average additional contribution from January 1 of the coming year increases by 0.2 percentage points – up to 1.3 percent. One of the reasons for the increase in contributions, of course, was the coronavirus pandemic.

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