In Florida, beware of cold and iguana rains for Christmas

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Known for its hot and humid climate, Florida expects to experience a particularly cold Christmas that could even be punctuated by iguana falls, according to meteorologists.

“Very cold temperatures are expected for Christmas, between 0 and 4 ° C, with possible iguana falls. Be careful and stay warm! ” Miami and South Florida Weather Services on Twitter warned Monday.

The inhabitants of the “Sunshine State” will therefore have to swap their flip-flops and shorts for a warmer outfit while scanning the sky so as not to get a frozen lizard on the head.

When the temperature drops below 4 ° C, cold-blooded iguanas can stand still and fall from trees, meteorologists say.

Reptiles do not freeze to death, but start moving again when temperatures rise.

The danger is real, given the large population of this invasive species in Florida which is devastating the local flora.

Last year, local authorities called on citizens to kill any iguanas they saw as soon as possible, preferably humanely.

In 2018, the south-eastern state of the country had already experienced iguana rains due to a cold snap, which surprised the population.

Some residents had tried to warm the large lizards with blankets, brought them home or in their cars, which authorities strongly advise against. Once thawed, these reptiles may try to defend themselves and become aggressive.

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