In Efremov, a house was taken under protection, in which Soviet power was proclaimed

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On March 9, 2021, several documents were published on the website of the regulatory legal acts of the Tula government, establishing protected zones of monuments.

One of them is outlined around the cultural heritage site of regional significance “The building where Soviet power was proclaimed”. The house is located on Svobody Street 13 A in the town of Efremov, Tula Region.

Archaeological excavations, repair of the roadway and sidewalks, landscaping are allowed in the security zone. But to put garbage containers, lay heating mains and electric cables, erect blank fences and break up parking lots are now prohibited here.

Recall that the revolutionary unrest in Efremov began in January 1917. The rebellious peasants burned and destroyed the estates of wealthy countrymen.

The centralized government tried to hold on by sending Cossacks to pacify non-native unrest.

On October 22, 1917, the envoy of the Baltic Fleet sailors A.S.Bulygin arrived in Efremov, who in fact led the revolutionary movement in Efremov until the beginning of January 1918.

He visited Tula, from where he brought 1 machine gun, 150 rifles and 45,000 live rounds, as well as 125 Red Guards with two machine guns, to arm the local revolutionary detachment. On December 27, martial law was introduced in Efremov.

On December 31, 1917, at the provincial congress of peasant deputies, Soviet power was proclaimed in the territory of the Tula province.

Currently, the building belongs to a correctional school. Only a memorial plaque on one of the walls reminds of the dramatic events that took place here in 1917.

We will remind, earlier “MK in Tula” wrote that in Venev a special protection zone was established around the monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin built in 1964.

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