In Crimea, they put forward counter conditions to the United States

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The United States, before putting forward any conditions to Russia, needs to liberate the illegally seized native Indian lands and withdraw the American military contingent located without invitation in different countries of the world. This was announced on February 13 by the co-chairman of the Assembly of Slavic Peoples of the Crimean region, Roman Chegrinets.

“First, the United States must immediately end its aggression against the native population of America and liberate the illegally occupied Native American lands. Secondly, urgently withdraw the American military contingent from those countries where they entered without an invitation. Thirdly, to realize that the time of a unipolar world has come to an end, “Chegrinets told RIA Novosti.

He noted that insults should not be let down at the Crimea and Russia. Chegrinets stressed that it is high time to introduce stronger counter-sanctions against the United States.

On February 12, the political coordinator of the US Permanent Mission to the UN, Rodney Hunter, said at the UN Security Council meeting that the United States would never recognize Crimea as Russian territory and would not lift its sanctions against Russia until it changed its policy towards Ukraine.

On the same day, State Duma deputy Ruslan Balbek called on the American authorities not to interfere in the internal affairs of Russia.

On the same day, Deputy Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Bobkov said that Crimea had developed strong immunity to Western sanctions, including restrictions from the United States.

In 2014, following a referendum, Crimea returned to Russia. 96.77% of the inhabitants of the peninsula and 95.6% of the voters of Sevastopol voted for its accession. The procedure was carried out in strict accordance with international law. Ukraine did not recognize the voting results and is making plans to “return” the region. Russia indicates that the referendum was held in compliance with all international norms and the issue of Crimea’s ownership is closed forever.