In Cheboksary, speed limit of 40 km / h was left on three bridges

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In Cheboksary, temporary road signs limiting speed to 40 km per hour were dismantled on bridges and overpasses. The exception was three bridges: Gagarinsky, Oktyabrsky and Sugutsky, where the restrictive speed measure will continue to operate regardless of the season, according to the Department of Housing and Communal Services, Energy, Transport and Communications of the Moscow City Hall.

Signs “Slippery road” and “Maximum speed limit” are installed for the winter period to prevent accidents due to rapid freezing of the roadway of bridges. With the onset of spring warmth, they are usually dismantled and removed until next fall. However, this year the city authorities decided to leave restrictions on the Gagarinsky, Oktyabrsky and Sugutsky bridges. The decision was made following the analysis of road accidents in 2020 and in order to ensure road safety, the mayor said.