In Bryansk, passers-by twisted a man with an ax who threatened people

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In Bryansk, passers-by tied a man with a cold weapon. The footage from the scene was published on May 2 in the Typical Bryansk public on VKontakte.

It is noted that the incident took place near the Comandor shopping center in the Volodarsky district.

“A man with his wife and child in a carriage walked with an ax. Insane … We are waiting for the police, ”the post says.

In the video, you can see a man who is being kept lying on the asphalt. One of the women says that he “walked along the road with an ax and a knife, wanted to kill people.”

Eyewitnesses clarified that the man was handed over to the police, who detained him. His wife was notified of the imminent visit of the guardianship officials.

On April 18, it was reported that a drunken man smashed a public transport stop in St. Petersburg with an ax; the attacker was detained by the police.