In Berlin, they told who is to blame for the discord between Moscow and Prague

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The diplomatic crisis between Russia and the Czech Republic should be viewed from the point of view of the US’s interest in it, explained Waldemar Gerdt, a member of the German Bundestag Committee on International Affairs.

As he told the TV channel “360”, the deterioration of Russian-Czech relations coincided with the beginning of the presidency of Joe Biden in Washington. According to Gerdt, the party of the American leader is the party of war, which she “very clearly proves.”

He has already toughened up so many conflicts … Otherwise, you will not appreciate it. And this situation … It is, most likely, in the program line of the new American course. It was programmed and worked out, ”the German deputy explained.

According to the parliamentarian, the decisions of the Czech Republic on foreign policy are conditioned by “submission to pressure to the side that cannot be refused.”

“We need to try to ensure that the situation does not cross the point of no return,” stressed Waldemar Gerdt.