In Astrakhan, a man suddenly attacked a group of drinking companions

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In Astrakhan, the Investigative Committee has completed the investigation of a criminal case against a local resident. The court found that the 55-year-old resident of Astrakhan had threatened to kill him and caused deliberate slight harm to his health.

According to the investigation, on April 24, 2020, a three-person company decided to organize a feast. During a drunken get-together, a conflict arose between drinking companions. A 55-year-old resident of Astrakhan decided to prove his case with a knife. He grabbed a cold weapon and cut his friend’s hand with it. Then he took up the second drinking companion. He stabbed him twice in the back with a knife. The man did not succeed in killing the Astrakhan people, they were taken to the hospital on time and provided with all the necessary assistance.

The court sentenced the 55-year-old man to 11 years of imprisonment in a special regime colony.