Improvement of the main square of Ferapontovo village will begin in summer

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In 2020, the program “Russian Thebaida in the North” was presented to the All-Russian competition of projects for creating a comfortable environment from the Ferapontians. The project was recognized as the winner, and a grant of 44.5 million rubles was received for the implementation of the plans.

The funds will be used to create a new traffic and parking scheme in the main square of the village and the surrounding areas. The main square will be designed in such a way that various events can be held here in any season. Transport will not become a hindrance. The work should be completed by November 2021.

Note that Ferapontovo is the pearl of the tourist route in Russia. And thanks to the preserved frescoes of Dionysius, the Ferapontovsky Monastery is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Such an object is the only one in the Vologda region. Over 80 thousand tourists come here annually.