Impact of Hydrogen Water Over Reducing Inflammation – Things You Should Know

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By Brandon

One of the most common features of most the diseases is inflammation. It not only complicates the situation, but also makes it harder for the patients to deal with it. There are many ways with which the inflammation has been treated among which hydrogen water has been accepted to a higher extent.

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What is inflammation?

Inflammation is an immune response against a foreign body. Whenever any foreign body or infectious body invades the human body, it starts producing inflammatory mediators that ultimately cause inflammation and destroy the foreign body and intimate the healing process. They are of two types Chronic inflammation and acute inflammation.

Generally, short-term inflammation is known as acute inflammation whereas inflammation that stays for a long period is known as chronic inflammation.

The Clinical manifestation of chronic inflammation is associated with severe conditions like heart disease, stroke, and autoimmune disorders like Rheumatic Arthritis and Lupus.

Mechanism of Inflammation

It leads to the elevation of selective markers for specific infections or injury, which is detected by the WBC and other immune cells. Then WBC reaches the site of inflammation where it starts working against the infection-causing molecules.

Is reducing inflammation beneficial for our body?

Reducing inflammation helps the autoimmune system of our body to deal with the invading foreign bodies and induces the RBCs, cytokines, and other molecules to take the action against the foreign body. And also reduces the severity of the diseases like lupus, Diabetes type I.

How Hydrogen water acts over reducing inflammation?

With various researchers, it has been found by the researcher that hydrogen water plays a beneficial role in reducing inflammation. It helps to induce reduce the reaction and helps the body to start healing. Here are some of the evidences from the research:

  • Inhibition of Ethanol-induced fatty liver in mice: this experiment was done with a female mouse affected with fatty liver disease. With the therapy of hydrogen water and anti-inflammatory markers, it was seen that hydrogen water with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties suppresses the pro-inflammatory mediators, reducing ethanol-induced fatty liver disease.

Treatment for Rheumatic arthritis and related diseases: in the case of Rheumatic Arthritis and its related manifestations hydrogen water not only acts for preventive purposes but also the diagnostic purpose. It has been evident from the research that hydrogen molecules inhibit the destructive auto-antigen responsible for autoimmune diseases.


Just by drinking the right quality mineral water, you can let yourself and your family towards a healthy life free of diseases. Hence, try hydrogen water to keep yourself stay away from any diseases.