Immunologist spoke about the body’s cellular defense against COVID-19

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Nikolai Kryuchkov, an immunologist and general director of a contract research company, announced the body’s cellular defense against COVID-19. He announced this on Saturday, March 13, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The specialist explained that it is cellular immunity that is important in protecting against infection. However, despite its still undetermined role in coronavirus, the doctor speaks of the undoubted fact of the presence of this kind of instrument in the body.

According to Kryuchkov, even in patients with asymptomatic signs of COVID-19, “the cellular component of immunity and certain types of immune T cells do appear.” The extent and duration of their protection against coronavirus is not yet known.

In addition, he explained that high antibody levels are not a guarantee of better protection against coronavirus infection.

On March 9, doctor of medical sciences, immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov expressed the opinion that the indicator of 60-70% of Moscow residents who have antibodies to coronavirus can be reached by the end of spring – early summer of this year. According to him, the immune layer to coronavirus in the capital is already close to these figures.

A day earlier, Anastasia Rakova, deputy mayor of the capital for social development, said that residents of Moscow had developed population immunity to coronavirus since the lockdown in the city was lifted. It is known that isolation regime is no longer mandatory for Muscovites over 65 and with chronic diseases. From the same day, the transport cards of citizens of this category were unlocked.

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