Ideal combination of fruits and vegetables named to reduce the risk of death

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Five servings of these foods can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing various fatal diseases.

Scientists from Harvard conducted a study in which they found out how much fruit and vegetables you should eat per day. Three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit turned out to be the perfect combination for reducing the risk of fatal diseases, Big Think reported. If there are more of them, then there will be no better effect.

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American experts came to this conclusion after studying the health and diet of more than 100 thousand people. Of these, 66,719 were women and 42,016 were men. For more reliable information, scientists compared their results with 26 other studies.

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The work also says that the effect depends on the choice of vegetables and fruits. So, juices will be less useful than whole fruits. Of vegetables, do not get carried away with potatoes and corn, as they contain a lot of starch.