Ice Cream Roll Machine

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Ice Cream Roll Machine is the machine has a steel plate chilled to beneath solidifying for solidify squeeze or drain and include chocolate or organic product in it to influence ice to cream and broiled like slicer and moving as a move, so we call it fricasseed dessert move machine or moved frozen yogurt machine.

Frozen yogurt come in demonstrates the mix broiled dessert. Mix broiled frozen yogurt, or “ice skillet” frozen yogurt, is a pastry made of a steel plate chilled to beneath solidifying. A decision of soy or dairy drain is poured onto the cool plate and blended with natural product, green tea, espresso or different fixings. The blend is mixed while solidifying, until smooth.

1.our machine is with temperature setting and control work!!!

2.The formula will give purchaser after place arrange.

3. Utilize imported Gree blower.

4.The refrigerant is R410a, not R22(bad for the earth, prohibited by most nations government.

Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine
1 This level sautéed frozen yogurt machine is anything but difficult to work, interface with the power supply and turn on the Refrigeration Switch before mixing the blend of beverages, for example, juice, drain, coco, with an accessible ice slush scoop.

2 Use the condition of-workmanship refrigeration innovation on our machine to offer phenomenal plan and great execution.

3 .This ice machine is reduced in estimate, light in weight, simple to move, safe to work and vitality sparing.

4 Widly utilized as a part of tea eatery, coffeehouse, solidified nourishments, recreation sustenance, alcohol stores et cetera.

5 This machine highlights Europe and America styled appearance outfitted with tempered steel boards and shading boards. It is solid and fit for the different condition.

Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine Features

Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine

1. Simple activity. Switch on control, put crude can make fricasseed ice in a split second.

2.Wide application. Utilized for different sugary fluid, dessert crude material, drain,

different organic product juice

3.Adopts imported well known brand blower, great execution, long administration life,

high productivity and vitality sparing

4.All refrigeration framework embraces the astounding copper. Administration life is3 times than regular machine.

5.The working board and part contact nourishment is made by impeccable. the machine body is made of thick steel plate lacquered, solid, water and residue confirmation.

6.With quality fan, can make the blower cool quickly, can secure the blower.

Browned Ice Cream Roll Machine parameters:

skillet type single round dish

skillet size 35cm

power 0.75KW

Weight 50kg

dimension 100*45*30cm

compressor Gree

Material 304 hardened steel

With temperature show, can set working temperature

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