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Good afternoon, dear editors! Thank you for the column “I have the right”, for the opportunity to receive a free consultation in Russian.

My niece is soon 19 years old. She is studying and plans to finish high school next year. Lives with her mother, who works part-time and receives a supplement from the employment agency. The mother is divorced from her father, until September he paid child support for his daughter – 380 euros. Works as a programmer. Successful. Earns well. But he said that he could no longer pay since October. The strangest thing is that he does not explain the reason. This relatively small amount of money is very necessary for the niece and her mother. What can a mother and a girl do to find out the reason for the termination of child support payments? Do I need to report to the employment department? Is it possible to resolve the issue on our own or do you need a lawyer? If the father really cannot pay, can a claim be made for this amount and where?

Alla D., Wiesbaden.

─ Dear Alla!

A child who has the right to maintenance from a parent who does not live with him has the right not only to maintenance as such, but also to a writ of execution. With this writ of execution, you can always go to the bailiff with a demand to take action (to seize your salary, bank account, etc.). The writ of execution just prevents the situation when the parent pays or does not pay maintenance at his own discretion.

Therefore, at least now it is necessary to contact a family lawyer to start the procedure for requiring maintenance. In extreme cases – through the courts. In the case of an adult child, there are no more options.

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