Hungarian Halasle Fish Soup Diversifies Lent Menu

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Orthodox believers continue to observe Great Lent, during which there are strict restrictions on food. However, on some days you can eat fish. From the material “” you will learn how you can make a national Hungarian soup called halaszlé from ordinary fish.

To prepare this dish, you need several types of river or lake fish, among which there must be carp.

Ingredients: 3 kg of various freshwater fish (carp, catfish, tench, pike perch, crucian carp), 3 onions, 2 red tomatoes and bell peppers each, two to three tablespoons of paprika, black and red pepper to taste.

We cut the gutted fish into pieces. Do not touch the large (steaks) yet, but fill the heads, tails, uneven small trimmings, fins with water, put on fire, bring to a boil and remove the foam. Salt the fish broth, add chopped onions, peppers and tomatoes. Cook for one hour.

Strain the finished broth through a sieve, separate the fish from the bones and rub through a sieve. Sprinkle the resulting mixture in the form of mashed potatoes with paprika, dilute with broth, boil. Then you need to put large whole pieces of fish and cook for 20 minutes.

Fish soup is infused for two hours. It is served with white bread and herbs.