Human rights activist Razorotneva held a charity festival “House for Tailed Beasts for One-Two-Three”

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On April 25, in the Moscow district of Pechatniki, the first interdistrict festival “House for the tailed beasts for one-two-three” was held. It is needed in order to draw the attention of Muscovites to the problem of cruel and irresponsible attitude towards animals. He is also called to help the Pechatniki orphanage.

The festival was attended by zoo activists, volunteers, dog breeders, as well as simply not indifferent Muscovites. Participants interacted at master classes on caring for cats and dogs, and also got acquainted with pets from the shelter and held a competition for the most charming dog. The victory went to a dog named Nicole. She was presented with gifts, delicacies.

In addition, Muscovites, who wished to help the orphan animals, collected a large basket of gifts for the orphanage children, whose photographs were featured in a photo exhibition. Young guests of the festival, together with representatives of the youth club “Lisa”, built a wooden “booth of goodness”. This is a real dog house, symbolizing the idea that every abandoned animal should have its own home.

And the competition for the most talented dog was attended by four-legged ones who already have a home and loving owners. Participants were awarded with personalized collar tags and treats.

The initiator of the holiday was a member of the Public Chamber and human rights activist Svetlana Razorotneva. According to her, Pechatniki are a launching pad for the implementation of further initiatives in the field of animal rights in other areas of the city.

Razvorotneva noted that the idea of ​​the festival was born when she came to the “Pechatniki” shelter for homeless animals. She noted the excellent care of cats and dogs. Nevertheless, it became obvious to her that they needed socialization, and volunteers were “desperately lacking.”

Now animal rights activists intend to hold such events in different districts of the capital in order to educate residents about keeping pets. In addition, they intend to draw their attention and the attention of the authorities to the difficulties in the operation of shelters, as well as to providing assistance to animals.

According to Razvorotneva, many of the residents of the Pechatniki shelter had a difficult and traumatic experience. Now they need to learn to trust the person again. And each of them must find owners and a home.

In addition, Razorotneva is confident that the law on cruelty to animals needs to be improved. She is also confident in the need for preferential programs for the sterilization of animals. According to her, such programs will help, “for example, grandmothers who are not able to pay for sterilization and, as a rule, have many cats.”

Another of the organizers of the festival was the International Charitable Foundation for Helping Animals “Giving Hope”. Evgenia Mamaeva, a volunteer of the foundation, said that he interacts with many Russian animal shelters and assists in the treatment, sterilization, and also the attachment of animals. This foundation, for eight years of its work, has helped more than two thousand dogs and cats.

Now in the municipal shelter “Pechatniki” 1956 dogs and 88 cats are kept. All wards are kept in comfortable and safe conditions. They are walked every day by the staff of the institution and volunteers. Those who wish to become a volunteer can contact the shelter.