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Huawei has dropped the Wear OS programming it regularly runs on its smartwatches, rather than changing to its own OS – and that is for the most part to the inconvenience of the Watch GT. All things considered, the battery life and cost of the Watch GT will settle on it as an engaging decision for a few.

What you need to know

In the same way as other ongoing wearables, the Huawei Watch GT is a smartwatch with a substantial incline towards sports following, in both the manner in which it looks and the manner in which it works. With its 1.4in a round shading OLED show, it monitors your pulse, everyday steps, and rest, and incorporates its own GPS beneficiary.

It’s waterproof (so it can follow swimming just as different games), and it’ll stay up with the latest with warnings from your cell phone also.

There’s no 4G choice, be that as it may, as there is with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G or the cell variant of the Apple Watch.

Features and design

Amazing as the battery life is, ask what the Huawei Watch GT resembles to utilize. On that front, it gets going great with a snazzy, pragmatic plan that is extremely simple to live with.

As should be obvious, it’s nearer to the tough style of the Huawei Watch 2 than the suit-prepared interpretations of the Huawei Watch 1, however, it’s not excessively energetic. It comes in dark or silver, with four diverse lash choices accessible at buy. I tracked down the stretchy dark and dark tie incredibly agreeable both in ordinary use and during exercise, however standard 22mm pin fittings permit you to append whatever wristband takes your extravagant.

The Huawei GT smartwatch is more slender than your normal games wearable, estimating 10.6mm from the front of the screen to the back of the packaging, and feels pleasantly assembled. The two catches on the right edge of the watch have a firm snap to them, and the smoky dark ceramic bezel looks heavenly. The encompassing light sensor is taken cover behind it, keeping the full substance of the 454 x 454, 1.4in OLED screen visible.

Notwithstanding the basic looks, there’s tiny in the method of sensors that this watch doesn’t have. There’s GPS, with GLONASS and BEIDOU upheld notwithstanding normal GPS, in addition to an optical pulse sensor, accelerometer, and whirligig to follow the movement, a magnetometer (compass), and indicator.

All that is truly absent is Wi-Fi, 4G cell network, and remote charging (the watch utilizes two contacts on the back to charge through an attractive USB puck). There’s likewise no NFC, so contactless installments are not feasible. Generally, however, the Huawei Watch GT is stunningly exceptional for the cash.

Exercise and sleep tracking

It should not shock anyone that the Huawei Watch GT has an emphasis on following practice, and keeping in mind that the Watch 2 could do a ton, the GT hopes to accomplish more. Just as following standard activities like running, running, and paddling, the Watch GT incorporates an altimeter to give progressed readings like rising when climbing, alongside a scope of water sport-explicit estimations.

It’s water-safe, which means you’re allowed to utilize the Watch GT when swimming. Indeed, the smartwatch offers explicit following modes relying upon the sort of swimming you’re doing; Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and the sky’s the limit from there.

The Huawei Watch GT additionally includes an astute Health Assistant that, on top of following your day-by-day steps, standing hours, and exercise, can wisely follow the various times of rest – conscious, REM, light, and profound. It doesn’t stop at following, however, as the Watch GT can examine the rest information it gathers and gives a scope of tips (more than 200 altogether, contingent upon your issue) that can assist you with improving night’s rest.


The Huawei Watch GT is a smartwatch in name as it were. It tracks wellness measurements like pulse, movement, and rest, and furthermore gives nitty-gritty knowledge on the actual condition of your body, settling on it a strong decision in case you’re searching for the components of a wellness tracker in the body of a smartwatch.