HSE names project risks for construction of 25 new waste incineration plants

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The Institute of Ecology of the National Research University Higher School of Economics warned about the risks of the project for the construction of 25 new incineration plants (MSZ). According to experts, the transition to a new method of waste disposal can provoke an increase in tariffs for garbage collection in a number of regions of Russia by 31-87% in 2024. The institute sent its report to the State Duma on April 21, Izvestia got acquainted with a copy of it.

According to environmentalists, the monthly additional payment for waste disposal in the regions where it is planned to build new incinerators can average from 330 to 957 rubles per person per year (from 27 to 80 rubles per month).

“With the current average tariff for the MSW management service in the country in the amount of 90 rubles per month per person, or 1,080 rubles per year, the increase will be quite significant – from 31% to 87%,” the experts said in the report.

The construction project for 25 MSZs was developed by RT-Invest (a subsidiary of Rostec), Rosatom and VEB.RF. The factories will allow the closure of 46 existing landfills, where waste is now stored, as well as prevent the creation of 80 new landfills within the boundaries of large agglomerations and resort areas, explained RT-Invest. In 2016, the federal project “Clean Country” was approved in Russia, within the framework of which, by 2025, the number of landfills and landfills in the country should be sharply reduced.

RT-Invest noted the incorrectness of the calculations of ecologists and, with reference to the analysis of the FAS and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, noted that tariffs for the population would not increase. At the same time, the construction of an incinerator will make it possible to forget about landfills in the territories of residence of 80% of the country’s citizens by 2030, according to Rostec.

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