How to use this HubSpot score feature to filter leads?

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A growing business will always try to reduce its expenses and it also applies several effective solutions to improve ROI. There are several effective solutions available that you can better apply for your business growth. The top-of-the-list solution we will tell you here is to use HubSpot CRM. No doubt, HubSpot CRM is quite better and more advanced as compared to ordinary CRM platforms. In CRMs, leads and contacts are coming but not all of them are worthy of your business. Some clients or contacts are potential clients of your business others are seasonal. For this purpose, the HubSpot Score lead is the better solution to apply to identify them. Do you want to know the HubSpot Score leading option in detail? Continue reading the article till the end?

What is HubSpot Score Lead?

HubSpot is a market-leading CRM option that is highly effective and useful for every type and size of business. These days, business professionals are using the HubSpot CRM option for improving their business operations. HubSpot lead scoring is the finest solution to identify the potential clients of your business. You can categorize them by HubSpot scoring according to their suitability and importance to your business. The same solution you will not get from an ordinary CRM but, HubSpot CRM will give you this brilliant option.

Now, the thing is in your mind how HubSpot lead scoring feature will work? We will tell you this thing in detail to clarify everything perfectly.

How HubSpot Lead Scoring Features Will Work?

If your organization is generating numerous leads, here you need to sort out these leads to identify the prioritized leads. It will depend on you to apply an individual attribute or multiple attributes for this purpose. On the personal information of your customers or clients, you score your leads. You will get to know how the respective lead has attracted your business in a certain way. For instance, a lead has visited the landing page of your business three times. This is a positive sign that it is ready to convert into a confirmed lead.

This way, you can set a numerical score for the lead that has visited the landing page three times. Apply this format to all leads and they will rank based on this respectively. This is the best solution for the sales and marketing team and they can better get in touch with them. Sales and marketing teams can better focus on their targets and they will try their best to convert them to confirm leads.

Here you need to know one most important thing: you can set a negative score on leads as well. If a lead is visiting your landing page but is not giving sufficient business to your organization. In this way, you can set a negative score on the leads to identify them. This thing will also be helpful for the sales and marketing team to get to know about the potential clients only.

Here we will tell you in detail the HubSpot score feature to filter leads and this will clarify everything in your mind. It will be good enough to share this knowledge with others to help them out in this matter.

HubSpot Score Feature to Filter Leads

Some important points to tell you the whole story related to Score leads on HubSpot and how to filter them.

  1.       Demographics: it is the best way to score leads in HubSpot. It includes location, gender, income, education, marital status, and employment record.
  2.       Company information: you can better score leads by the information of the companies associated.
  3.       Online Behavior: by this option, you can better get an idea about the online behavior of the lead. It is quite simple to understand how much a lead is engaging with the content. Here you will also get to know how much time the lead has spent on your website.
  4.       Email engagement: here you will get to know how the lead has engaged with your emails. It will give you the details about a lead who opened the email or clicked the email. This thing will be quite useful for the sales and marketing team to understand everything perfectly.

All these features of HubSpot are perfect to know in detail. You can better use professional help and support to include this feature in your business as well.