how to use aeroplan points in 2024

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Want to know how to navigate miles of Airplane and use them in amazing Aeroplan rescue to travel around the world? I have been collecting Aeroplan points for 23 years and have had some of my best trips of Aeroplan miles over the past eight years, especially in the business category.

I’ve learned some great tricks along the way and I want to share them with you so you can go to your dream destinations with Aeroplan points too.

Booking a flight with Aeroplan may feel frustrating at first; I’ve been there. Hopefully, with some guidance, you will be booking your best flight for your Aeroplan miles soon.

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I still have a lot to learn when it comes to earning points and travel money (I see you Airmiles), but I like to think I have a very good understanding of how you can earn, use and expand Aeroplan miles in aircraft.

November 2020 – Aeroplan recently launched a brand new program on November 8, 2020. Read more about it here. Some of these scoring strategies are still practical and effective. Other flight points are not available. Bye mini RTW, it was great while it was going on.

First, let’s discuss ways you can earn miles by Airplane. While we do not have as many opportunities to find places to travel in Canada as our southern neighbors, we do have many ways to earn miles from Aeroplan.

If you think you already have a free Aeroplan account suspended, let’s get started.

Earn Airplane Points from Flying
You can get Aeroplan miles by flying over Air Canada, by Air Canada Vacations or one of the Aeroplan partner flights within the Star Alliance network such as United Airlines, South African Airways, Tap Portugal and Lufthansa, to name a few . Add your Aeroplan number when booking your flight.

TIP: If you forget to enter your Aeroplan number when booking, be sure to keep your boarding pass as you may be able to claim points for up to 6 months after your visit to the Aeroplan website. Visit Techairo