How to Tell If Your Husband Is Abusing You

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Are you afraid to speak your mind because of your husband? Does he insist on making all of the decisions in the relationship, even who gets to speak and what you can do? If that’s not bad enough, is he physically abusive towards you or forcing himself on you sexually? If so, this article is for you. You are not alone in this. Many women suffer at the hands of their husbands, and some of them stay with their abusers for years. We’re going to help you identify ways that your husband might be abusing you and ways that you can seek help.

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He’s controlling.

If your husband is always telling you what to do, what not to do, and how to do things, and often without any explanation as to why he’s being so controlling, then he may be abusing you.

For example He tells you that if any of the dishes in the kitchen sink aren’t clean by the time he gets home from work, there will be consequences. And then when it happens (because sometimes dishes are dirty; it happens), instead of explaining himself or offering an alternative solution for your dirty dishes issue (like maybe just washing them before bedtime like normal people), he yells at you for breaking his rule and punishes you with a swift kick in the shin.

And if you’re thinking, “But maybe he just doesn’t understand how hard I work during the day,” then think again. That’s victim-blaming at its worst. Only a real jerk would ever ask such a thing, after all, what does it matter how much work you do? You’re still not allowed to have dirty dishes.

He’s abusive mentally and emotionally.

It’s important to remember that emotional abuse is a crucial part of an abusive relationship. So if your husband is constantly criticizing you, withholding affection, and making you feel bad about yourself, even in small ways like telling you that you don’t look good or asking why it took so long for dinner to be ready, then he may be abusing you mentally and emotionally.

We should take note of the difference between emotional abuse and a healthy amount of criticism. It’s okay for a partner to ask questions or give feedback; it’s not okay for them to belittle their spouse or make them feel bad about themselves.

He’s abusive physically.

If you’re facing physical violence, you probably already know it. The kind of abuse that leaves bruises, cuts, and broken bones is one of the most obvious signs that someone is harming you physically. However, such severe levels of violence are not always present in abusive relationships, even if your husband does hit or kick you from time to time.

Physical abuse can also be less obvious than this type of assault; it can simply be a push or shove when things get heated during an argument or some other form of rough handling that doesn’t leave any lasting marks on the body.

It’s important to remember that physical abuse isn’t just limited to cases where one person inflicts pain or injury upon another person. Verbal statements meant to intimidate or threaten another individual’s safety (such as threats) also qualify as physical violence in many situations, and they’re just as harmful psychologically as other forms of aggression are physical.

He’s abusive sexually.

The first sign that your husband is abusive sexually is when he forces himself on you or makes you feel scared about saying no. This can be as simple as him trying to kiss you when you’re not interested in him, or even more extreme, like touching any part of your body without permission. It’s important to remember that marital rape is always illegal and should never be tolerated by anyone. If this happens once or twice, it could just be a mistake, but if it keeps happening over time, then it’s definitely abuse.

If your husband is abusive in any of these ways, it is time to seek help.

If your husband is abusive in any of these ways, it is time to seek help. You are not alone. There are services that can help you break the pattern of abuse and put an end to the cycle of violence. You deserve to be treated with respect and love. You deserve happiness and peace in your life.

If this sounds like you or someone close to you, there is help available. It is important to remember that it is not your fault. You did nothing wrong by choosing this person as a partner, but now that person has shown him- or herself to be abusive with their behavior.


It can be hard to decide whether or not your husband is abusing you. However, there are many tell-tale signs that indicate abuse and if you’re experiencing any of these things then it’s important to get help right away.