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This pit fighting tournament of wpit18 is legal where it’s usually held, in Filipino. There’s very little information available online about this tournament, with some slight mention on YouTube and Google. One major reason for that could be that it’s banned in many countries and most people may not even know about this competition of wpit18 or where’s it legal. There are two primary methods to know more about this tournament.


The first one is the website with a URL of where contact information of the organizers of wpit18 is present. The contact methods are WhatsApp. Viber and more. Participants may contact them for the details regarding the fees, schedule, next tournament or other procedures.

People who want to watch the tournament may also contact them there to know about the location of the physical event. They may also contact if they’re registering and want to attend the tournament physically or if they want to watch it live online. In both cases, there could be fees involved. From rough estimate, the fees may be a few USD Dollars or a few hundred PHP. Online registration for the viewers of the wpit18 tournament may be free sometimes and sometimes paid.


There’s a Facebook Page dedicated to the news on the tournament of wpit18 and there’re other details like the previous videos on the tournament, some of which may not be available on YouTube. The schedule timings are also available for reference. There are regular updates on the Page about the tournaments that wpit18 are holding.


We can roughly estimate the timing of next wpit18 competitions by looking at the information on the Facebook Page of wpit18. They may start most often in the morning time and the day of the fight may not be a weekend. For how long does the tournament of wpit18 continue?

That depends on two factors. When did it start and how many fights did they schedule? The number of scheduled fights, on the other hand, further depends on one thing, which is the grouping. There can be 100+ or less than 20 fights to watch in a specific group. The total number of fights scheduled will be the sum of the individual matches in the groups. The tournament may go on from morning till evening or even more with different groups fighting at different times.

What is Grouping:

The tournament takes place in different groups. Group names can be Group A, Group B and more, depending on the organizers. The benefit of grouping is that they can make the time division better. Also, they can set some time for rest between the two groups.

There’s another reason that grouping is necessary. It’s the fact that participants may need to bring a different number of cocks in the different groups. Group A may involve fights with seven cocks. Group B may involve fights with four cocks. Some groups may involve three cocks. Some may involve 12 cocks. This all depends upon how the organizers arrange the cockfighting tournament.


Different number of people are present in different groups. Not all groups have the same number of matches. Also, a person from Group A may not be present in Group B. That’s why there are a different number of fights in each group and they take a different amount of time.

What is the need of over one cock?

It’s because of nature of the tournament. People have designed the cockfighting tournaments in such a way that whether a cock wins or loses, it emerges injured in the end. A reason that contributes to these injuries could be that people intentionally make the cocks aggressive.

People may have used some inhumane means on the cocks. They may have things such as plucking feathers, beaks, etc. of the cocks. That’s why a cock may not be able to continue for many fights In the wpit18 tournament. Because of either losing energy or the excess amount of pain.

To counter this, cockfighting tournaments adopt this grouping approach. They make a requirement of having over one cock. Now, not all people may want to fight with the same amount of cocks, some may want to go with less and some want to go for more. So, different groups with a different number of cocks ensure many people can come and take part. Basically, this is a way to attract more people and encourage more people to become participants.

To conclude, it’s a very inhumane competition, and many illegal activities like gambling and other violent crimes can occur along with it. It’s up to you whether or not you want to take part in it for the profit gained from betting, as it’s an inhumane entertainment.

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