How to Make Your Business More Sustainable

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With the planet becoming warmer and various species dying out in oceans across the globe, you can argue that businesses and large corporations have a moral responsibility to invest in sustainability.

While this has helped to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) an increasingly popular concept in recent times, creating a sustainable and more eco-friendly approach also translates into higher turnover and profitability over time. This is borne out by the numbers, with 77% of customers motivated to purchase from companies that are committed to improving the natural environment.

But how exactly do you make your business sustainable in a viable and manageable way: Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

#1. Invest in Renewable Energy

Let’s start with the basics; as creating a sustainable business will require some form of upfront investment. This applies to everything from waste disposal to energy consumption, both of which incur huge financial and social costs over an extended period of time.

For example, installing a solar panel system at your premises can deliver a renewable source of energy and drive long-term financial savings, so long as you can afford the cost of installation in the first place.

Various energy-saving technologies also offer potential solutions, although once again these will come at a cost that should be seen as a long-term investment. 

To achieve such objectives, you may need to seek out funding from an alternative lender, with a view to achieving the best possible terms and accessing flexible financing.

#2. Use Recycled Products

There are also fundamental steps that you can take to create a sustainable business, such as the procurement and widespread use of recycled products.

Make no mistake; a growing number of everyday workplace items are now available in recycled form, from paper and ink (for relatively old school businesses) to toilet paper and mugs.

Similarly, product-oriented companies can also invest in recycled packaging and materials, which can contribute to greener manufacturing and distribution processes and potentially reduce costs over time.

#3. Make Sustainability a Part of Your Company Culture

If you’re to achieve and sustain incremental gains over time, we’d also recommend making sustainability a key focus of your company culture.

This can help to impart sustainable values and practices on the workforce and its individual members, encouraging eco-friendly practices and simple, everyday goals such as conserving energy and reducing waste.

You may also want to establish a small team or company department to focus on your business’s sustainability efforts, which will help with the development of manageable goals and ensure that these are met within the necessary time-frame.