How to Get the Best Look from Sofa Cover

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Do you think sofa covers have been around for a while? Think again! Sofa covers have been used for more than 200 years. For many years in the history, people have nurtured their delicate hopes of getting fresh and tailored looks of their sofas and couches. Buying and using a sofa cover are two different things in Sydney. When you get sellers’ point of view that is when you buy a sofa cover. Right? 

Unfortunately, slipcover products need some instructions and guidance to make them work in the best manner. That requires some tricks and tips beforehand to give your sofa or couch a look that you desire. The covers most of the times, require expertise. 

This is the reason we have decided to cover this topic in detail so if you are dreaming about buying and implementing a sofa slipcover, you can get the best solution. 

The Game Begins Before the Purchase of Slipcovers 

While you will shop for slipcovers of your sofas, you will have to choose between the two types of slipcovers available such as:

  • Custom slipcovers 
  • Readymade slipcovers 

Custom sofa covers, if made well, can work well for you. Most often, custom-made sofa covers don’t give you much trouble because they are already ready for fitting your elegant sofas. It will be however become a little bit burdens on your wallets. You can buy then in the range of under $800 dollars. This could be the price of a new couch in Sydney, depending on the prices in your area. 

Sofa covers when you buy them, will be worth buying and look fine as well. Even if they don’t look fine, the fit tips for them would be more of DIY of find-your-local upholstery post shop. 

However, if you prefer to go for some readymade slip covers for your living room sofas, then there will be a variety of fits available for you to choose from. This is an important time to make a decision. There are two vital first steps in choosing a sofa cover to make it fit like a perfect fit. 

  • Choose the Stretching Sofa Cover 

For more modern-style sofas, a tight fit will be more appropriate. We do believe that a stretch cover is a better choice compared to a loose sofa cover. Because its fabric offers you a lot of versatility, you will be able to get a more decent look. 

When you buy stretch covers for your sofas, they give you distinct advantages. For example, a stretch cover is a better choice compared to a loose cover for your room sofa. You can use these covers universally on any sofa or couch pieces; they are not fixed for any single piece of furniture. However, a loosely fitting cover often contains a large sheet of cotton fabric that is hard to keep in one place for a very long time. Therefore, you cannot keep loose cotton sofa cover at one place even if you try hard.

If you are interested in having a more pristine or unwrinkled look of your sofas, then you would need to go with a customized option. This could also be a DIY option. So it is better to choose a tight-fit in this situation. 

  • Do not buy One-Piece Slipcovers 

Even though one-piece sofa covers give you an obvious price benefit, you will surely find out that you will never be proud of the look it provides you. This is because one-piece sofa cover will have the unsightly impact of a large sheet pulled over your whole sofa piece. 

You will have to try very hard to make a one-piece sofa cover look good or modest, but that may require you to tuck in more fabric than you can expect. So the next tip for you is to buy the sofa covers that offer at least separate touch base and also provide you with cushion covers. In this way, you will be having a more aesthetic look to your sofas. 

How can you keep the Slipcovers in Place?

This tip is a vital one because it has been tested and tried by many customers before. These tips we are providing you will prove to be beneficial if applied the right way. 

  1. The first tip is to tuck the excess fabric into the sofa folds. This will keep your slipcovers in place. 
  2. Use foam rolls and noodles. Another popular tip for you is to use foam rolls and pool noodles effectively. 
  3. Use upholstery pins. Yes, that involves applying pins on your upholstery items that is a good solution. Simply buy upholstery pins and smooth out the sofa fabric and secure it with pins in hidden places. 
  4. Do some additional stuffing. That means stuff some bath towels into the thin arms of your sofa covers. That will hold them still.

After these tips, there comes the most important step of cleaning. Most of the people now-a-days prefer to clean their upholstery items from professional cleaning companies as they are more reliable and they saves their time. The best option in Sydney right now is Pro Sofa Clean, which provides the most trusted and reliable sofa and lounge cleaning Sydney services and make your sofas new. 

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