How to Edit a PDF File: A Beginner’s Guide

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PDF technology lets you conveniently share documents, collaborate, and access records, unlike older documentation methods. PDFs are becoming core parts of the business world, and creating a PDF file is hardly a noteworthy skill today.


But editing PDF files has always been tricky, especially if you’re working with tight deadlines.


Luckily, you can now conveniently alter the contents of PDF documents using a PDF editor. As long as you have an easy PDF editor, this article will take you through the steps of editing a PDF document.

What makes the PDF format unique?

PDFs have given businesses the upper hand in transactions and record-keeping. And since they aren’t as uneditable as people think, they leave room for quality checks and improvements, which helps boost companies’ brand credibility. 


Other attributes that make the PDF format unique include:

Easy sharing 

You can easily create a PDF document using any PDF app. Also, you can convert your documents to presentations, Word documents, videos, and images, when you want to share them with third parties. With a shareable link, everybody can access the content, unlike paper format, where some pages could get lost in transit.

eSigning features

PDFs offer a faster and more efficient way of signing documents. All you need to do is share the document online with the recipients, and they can add their signatures to the file without being physically present. As long as they have a mouse, stylus, or picture of their signature signed on plain paper or background, eSigning documents will be swift.

Tracking digital footprint

PDF documents and tools let you track who edits a particular record and when. You can restrict people from editing papers and let them only be viewers according to your permission settings. With a PDF document, you have complete control over who sees what and when.

Resizing capabilities 

You can make a PDF file bigger or smaller with the right tool. Tweaking PDF documents is not just reserved for editing texts and images; you can easily compress and resize the document without compromising quality and content.

Seven operations you can do with a PDF editor

A PDF editor is a handy business tool only if you know how to take full advantage of its features. And if you are unsure of what editors like Lumin PDF can do, let’s get a glimpse of the capabilities.

How to add and edit PDF text

You can use Lumin PDF to edit PDF online free, and here is how to go about it:


  1. Access the Lumin online PDF editor software and open your document,
  2. Select the area you want to add or edit text, and a text box will automatically appear.
  3. Click on the text box and add the text you want. You also have the liberty to change fonts, colors, and style.
  4. Save changes after editing.

How to merge PDFs

Any easy to use online PDF editor can combine several documents into one in a few simple steps.


  1. Open your document in the PDF editor.
  2. Go to the toolbar and click on “Page Tools.”
  3. From the dropdown menu, click on “Merge.”


Remember that you cannot merge PDFs directly from your Google Drive. You first have to save your document to your local storage. When you want to combine documents with separate pages, you can use commas (,) to make the distinction. 

How to split PDF

You can also use the Lumin PDF editor app to split and extract documents.


  1. Upload the document into the Lumin PDF software.
  2. Click on the toolbar, and click on “Page tools” to get a dropdown menu.
  3. From the  dropdown menu, select “Split/Extract.”
  4. Choose the page numbers. You can specify a range and use a comma (,) to separate the pages.
  5. Next, click on “Extract” and save the result to your device.

How to edit PDF pages

With this free PDF editor, you have many tools for organizing your PDF document. For instance, you can edit PDF file by rotating, rearranging, or deleting PDF documents.


Here is how to rotate your PDF document:


  1. Open the PDF document using Lumin PDF
  2. From the toolbar, access the “Page Views” icon.
  3. Access the “Page Manipulation” option and open the “Rotate Pages” menu.
  4. Enter the pages you want to rotate and separate them by using commas (,).
  5. Click on the curved arrow icon to turn the pages. 
  6. After that, save your rotated pages.


Here is how to rearrange PDF pages:


  1. Open your PDF document in a PDF tool like Lumin PDF.
  2. Access the “Page Manipulation” icon from the toolbar.
  3. Click on the “move page” icon.


After that, you can save your new document to your local storage.

How to compress PDF pages

Compressing pages on Lumin PDF is probably the easiest step ever. All you need do is:


  1. Open the PDF editing software document and upload the file. If you use PDF editor for PC, drag the file into the compressor icon on the toolbar.
  2. The PDF’s compressor will automatically reduce the file size.
  3. Download the new document and save it to your local device.


After compression, you can share the document via email or shareable links.

How to annotate PDF documents

PDF tools have some incredible annotating features that let you highlight, markup, add shapes or images to the document. To edit PDF file online and add new elements, follow these steps:


  1. Open the document in your PDF editor.
  2. Go to the toolbar and click on the shape icon.
  3. Choose the shape you want.
  4. Highlight the area, and the shape will appear there automatically.
  5. Save your document.


Alternatively, you can draw with a PDF text editor that has annotating features.


  1. Open the document using your PDF editor or drag and drop your file into the browser running your online PDF editor on PDF editor mac.
  2. Click on the drawing icon from the toolbar and select its thickness, opacity, color, etc.
  3. Accept changes, and save your document. 

How to sign PDF files

With the Lumin PDF online editing tool, you can say goodbye to paper documents. Follow these steps to sign PDF files using the best PDF editor.


  1. Open the PDF document on Lumin PDF editor.
  2. From the Lumin toolbar, click on “Create Signature.”
  3. Draw your signature using your mouse. You can choose to change its color, thickness, opacity, and lots more.


After signing, you can conveniently drag, resize, and change the position of the signature.


PDF editors’ designers understand the value of making PDF documents editable, so they keep improving and adding functions that we need. Knowing these operations and how to work with them will make your documentation and record-keeping more effective. So follow the steps described in the body of this article to start editing PDF documents like a pro today.