How to do Eye Makeup for Beginners

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We get it, eyeshadow can be intimidating. There’s an infinite number of colors to choose from a million eyeshadow brushes. And jargon like cut crease and smoky eye to make matters even trickier. But here’s the thing—that’s what makes fun Eye makeup for beginners. Once you know how to apply eyeshadow and have the basics behind you the options are endless. And thanks to color-coordinated eyeshadow palettes that do the work for you. Our guide to makeup brushes (more on that below). And a few beginner-friendly tricks, creating any look you want is easier than ever. And to make it all even easier, we spoke to three experts to share tips on how to apply eye makeup like a pro. These makeup artists share how to create the ultimate eyeshadow look. With an easy-to-follow. The tutorial you’ll master in no time. Keep reading to level up your eyeshadow game.

First, Choose Your Tools

To get you started. Here are a handful of brushes you can use to build your beginner eyeshadow application kit. The right tools make any job easier, and great makeup brushes are no different. A small but well-curated collection of brushes will help elevate your eyeshadow game. Here are the four makeup brushes you need to help you achieve any look for Eye makeup for beginners.

Here’s How to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Prime Your Eyes:

In essence, eye primer helps your eyeshadow last longer by preventing it. It from sliding off your eyelids when faced with heat or moisture. The same way face primer works to keep your foundation in place. As a general rule, the more eye makeup you’re using, the greater the need to apply primer. If you have a special event then do not take the risk if you are not a professional makeup. Artists then try Femingle makeup services at home.

Using an eyeshadow primer or not depends on what you want your final look to be. Primer aids in eyeshadow color opacity and staying power If you’re going for a light wash of the color. It’s not necessary. Eyeshadow primer may also be necessary if you have oily lids. Some eye primers, not only control oil but also have added ingredients. (like pearl powder in this case) to brighten. And intensify your eyeshadow Eye makeup for beginners. Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer using your ring finger. Your ring finger is the best for applying eye makeup because it has the lightest touch. And won’t irritate your skin (plus, the heat from your fingers helps melt the primer in). Gently sweep the primer across your entire eyelid, up to your eyebrow. Around the inner corner of your eye is where your tear duct is. And even along your lower lash line for stay-all-day wear.

Build Your Base:

Time to add your color. Most eyeshadow looks can easily be created with four shades of Eye makeup for beginners. A neutral shade for your lid. A medium shade for your crease, and a dark shade for your outer corner. And a light shade to highlight your inner corner and brow bone.

No matter what makeup look you’re going for. Your first layer of eyeshadow will most likely always be a neutral shade. Swept across your eyelid with your fluffy blending brush. You can choose a color close to your skin tone for natural looks. A lighter shimmer for sparkly styles, or go darker for smoky eyes.

Not sure which eyeshadow to reach for? You can also choose your eyeshadow shades based on your eye color. Green, gold, purple, and gray shades can help brown eyes pop. While colors like red, yellow, orange, and purple make blue eyes sparkle. For green eyes, try playing around with red, yellow, purple, and gray shades.

Define Your Crease:

Now we’re going to define your crease to give your eye makeup more definition. This will also make your eyes look wider and bigger overall. You can define your crease by going heavier with a color that’s darker than what you used on your lid. For a natural look, dip your fluffy or angled crease brush into your medium eyeshadow shade. Then, close your eye and apply the eyeshadow. Along with where your eyelid meets your brow bone, creating a wash of color. Femingle best beauty salon services at home give you the best look according to your desires. At a very reasonable price.

Highlight Strategically.

The finishing step is to use your lightest eyeshadow and make your eyes pop. A highlight under the brow is nice to pop the brows from the eyeshadow. Some people even place a little highlight in the inner corners to wake up a tired eye in Eye makeup for beginners.

In general, a light matte eyeshadow will give you a fresh, natural look perfect for daytime. For more drama, use a shade with some shimmer. You can also use your favorite cheek highlighter for a megawatt shine.

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Whichever shade you decide to use, you’ll want to apply it along your brow bone. (just below the arch of your eyebrow) to give your face a wide-awake and lifted look. You can also fake a full night’s rest by dotting it along with the inner corners of your eyes. Both of these techniques will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more alert.