How to develop a fully-functional WordPress website?

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By Marilyn Royce

There are over 500 sites that are built daily using the WordPress platform. What does this mean to you? 

When you build a website, it is important to understand the benefits, challenges, and competition in your path to achieving the targets. 

Nowadays, a skilled WordPress development company is working on bringing new possibilities to the website to generate better returns. 

As a website owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your website provides a smooth customer journey to boost your brand value.

Why choose WordPress for your website development?

It has a great reputation for building a website from scratch with less time and effort. WordPress started as a popular Content Management System but has evolved to support ecommerce businesses. With the help of plugins and in-built themes, it becomes easier to customize a website per the brand’s reputation. 

The most exciting and trending features of WordPress are:

  • Dark Mode: Most applications give users the freedom to engage in a platform in the dark mode. This also causes less harm to the eyes as it keeps lighter elements in the front. 
  • Augmented Reality: It allows the users to test and try the products virtually for a better experience. This will elevate customer interaction and enhance sales for the business. 
  • Customization: The platform allows design customization as per your requirements effortlessly. You might hire WordPress developers to work on the exact features and functionalities that appeal to the users. 
  • Security Support: Search engines will blacklist websites for malware, making it important to ensure customer security. WordPress provides great services like security, backup, updates, and core upgrades to protect it from hackers. 
  • Custom Content Type: Some of the content types on the website are blogs, web pages, navigation menus, attachments, photos, events calendars, and more. It brings a smarter and easier method to publish all types of content. 
  • Live Chat Support: It helps to engage visitors by addressing their concerns instantly. This also enhances the activity, user experience, engagement, and conversion rate. 
  • Voice Search: More people have access to smartphones to recognize and support voice search commands. WordPress provides a voice search feature to make your platform highly interactive. 

How to build a fully-functional WordPress website hassle-free?

1.Choose the right WordPress plan is a software used to create and maintain the website yourself. While is a service that helps to build a website with managed hosting. If you are looking for a solution where you need to handle all the tasks, then is an ideal choice. 

While provides free and paid versions, there are certain restrictions to deciding the Domain. This is a suitable choice for a blogging platform where you do not require more customization. 

2.Decide your domain name and hosting provider 

There are many hosting providers for a website and set-up domain name. The domain name is the address that users will use to locate your website. At the same time, a hosting provider is where the website files will be stored. 

Ensure that you choose the hosting provider that provides great speed, reliability, and security to ensure the great performance of the website. 

3.Install the WordPress tool 

If you are dealing with a hosting provider outside the platform, it is important to get a CMS to connect with the new Domain. But this process is not required if you deal with managed WordPress hosting service. 

You must provide answers about the Domain, the directory installation, and admin information. In WordPress, redirect to My Site and click on Domain that should be made a primary domain.

4.Select the theme

Many themes and templates can be chosen as per your business requirements. Each has various layouts, styles, fonts, colors, and other visualization. Custom WordPress themes can be paid or free will ensure they look professional and engaging. 

The themes are versatile to handle different business types like ecommerce, blog, business, portfolio, or other specific needs. Also, to understand the experience, reach the admin dashboard, click on appearance, and then Themes. Once you get the perfect theme, install and start the customization. 

5.Add web pages and posts

Once you add content to the website, it will be showcased as posts and pages. There might be dynamic pages like a blog section where the content is updated regularly. While some are static, the content is constant, like the business details. 

WordPress allows users to add photos, videos, and content easily. Once you have completed the process, click on Save Draft or Publish. 

6.Customize the website 

An experienced WordPress developer USA will help to customize the website for a better customer experience. Begin by adding basic information like website title, tagline, URL, time zone, email, and more. 

WordPress also enables customizing the navigation bar that helps visitors easily find the information on the website. The admin dashboard has great customization support to enhance the website’s appearance. 

7.Install the right plugins 

They are pieces of software that enable functionalities to the WordPress website. There are over 50,000+ plugins that will provide great features to meet the demands. Reach the Plugins section from the admin dashboard, and it has all the installed plugins. 

To add a new plugin, click on Add new, search for the right plugin and then click on Install Now. Wait for some time and click on Activate.  

8.Optimize website performance 

This is a critical segment of the user experience. If your platform has slower page loads or complicated navigation, it will lead to frustrating the visitors and leading to higher bounce rates. Enabling the browser caching will improve performance. 

Many plugins will help to enhance the core web vitals, page speed, and overall loading time of the website. 

The End Note!

Several skilled WordPress Development Company use various tips and tricks to make an impactful solution. We suggest you focus on the basics that perfectly complement the business and website. 

A great platform will enable you to connect with visitors, create a positive impact, and boost conversion rates.