How to determine the zodiac sign by appearance

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Astrologers told how the position of the planets at birth affects a person’s physique. It turns out that each zodiac sign has its own characteristics of appearance. It can be unmistakably guessed by a set of features:

Aries is a lean figure, long neck, expressive cheekbones and curly hair.

Taurus – large build, strong neck, dark hair and broad forehead.

Gemini – tall, long limbs, full lips and broad shoulders.

Cancer – short stature, round face, large eyes and pale skin.

Leo – tall, stately posture, slender physique.

Virgo is a thin figure, thick hair and a broad forehead.

Libra has a thin face, straight nose, and pale skin.

Scorpio – short in stature, dark skin and large eyes.

Sagittarius – tall, oval face and humped nose

Capricorn is a lean build, long neck, narrow shoulders.

Aquarius – tall, dark skin, low forehead.

Pisces – short stature, poor skin, plump lips.

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