How to create a perfect real estate marketing plan

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By now we know, being “only” a real estate agent is no longer enough: to adapt and align correctly with the market around us, it is in fact essential to learn to have a wide-ranging vision about your business. In this sense, structuring a state-of-the-art real estate marketing plan for your business has almost become an essential condition for anyone aspiring to professional success in this sector.

It is no coincidence that every business, in any sector, is now so strongly contaminated by the new era of digital marketing and everything that revolves around it. Why should your business be outdone? You can sell the houses in your portfolio even without having a defined marketing plan, we are sure … but if we told you instead of following specific professional strategies, you could get many more results, would you believe it?

We have created this guide to help you become familiar with a tool that could prove to be very important for your agency, that’s why we will help you understand how to create a perfect real estate marketing plan just like that of Park view City

Real estate marketing plan: let’s start from the basics

We can imagine your initial perplexities about it, but we also know that if you have ended up on this reading, you want to broaden your knowledge and, why not, maybe get an in-depth idea of ​​what it could be. So, to help you better understand all the processes, let’s start with the basics: what is the purpose of marketing in a general sense? Surely that of exploiting communication tools and methodologies to reach as many new potential contacts interested in our brand.

The real estate sector, although in Bahria Hills it is still (but still briefly) one of the most conservative and traditionalist areas of all, is now undergoing a profound mutation and is adapting to what are the new forms of digital communication to align itself in an almost natural to the reality in which we live.

If until a few years ago you used to cover your area with paper flyers, know that now, for example, this kind of communication would be a worthwhile investment. Because? Simply because, as just mentioned, the way of marketing has changed, or rather, the way of receiving messages by the reference user base has changed.

This means that your customers no longer read those paper flyers, which they consider obsolete, but surely, for example, they will open their e-mail inbox much more frequently.

The marketing of Tajarat Properties today is closely related to the digital world, indeed, it can be said with absolute certainty that digital marketing is the evolution of the much more traditional way of communicating for commercial purposes.

We know perfectly well how important relationships are in your work: we absolutely do not want to advise you to replace this aspect with well-done marketing, mind you. However, we want to introduce you to a facet that could expand the number of potential relationships that could arise and that would allow you to have more contacts.

Think of the world of the web as an absolutely infinite space: by operating professionally online, you could reach an exponentially huge number of new contacts, which otherwise you would not have known in the least by remaining anchored to traditional offline advertising.

How many people spend every day outside your real estate agency? Probably if you are on the ground floor, facing the street, relatively many will pass: but how many instead would pass through your online communication channels, every day? This absolutely non-calculable figure must be the spring to make your business make a qualitative leap in the near future.

Here then is already explained in a few simple words the importance of having a real estate marketing plan for your business.

The first approach of potential customers with your brand is on the web: learn to be found

The real estate sector, more than many others present online, is perhaps one of those that lends itself best to digital transformation. Suffice it to say that 95% of real estate searches for buyers or sellers start right online. This very important data immediately makes us understand how much the web has entered the depth and daily life of our lives and is the first filter for anyone who needs a service or product.

Anyone in Italy who needs a real estate product or service, consult the web as a first approach to the subject, and we are sure that you are also aware of this data.

What if all those potential leads, landing on the web, find you? Or rather, they found your brand packaged and built for them? Wouldn’t that be a great card to play?

All this is possible if an effective and practical marketing plan is structured.

How to do? Here we explain it to you! Let’s start by saying that a well-constructed marketing plan consists of two main phases:

  1. Strategicphase
  2. Operationalphase

Know that there is no self-respecting marketing plan, which directly starts the attack. First of all, it will be essential to face a strategic phase, which, between us, will greatly facilitate the work during the operational phase.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


Strategic phase

The strategic phase in marketing is all that part linked to data analysis, tests, and the study of the competition and above all to the definition of objectives. A marketing plan with no set goals would make no sense to exist.

So then the first advice is to define clearly and perhaps in writing, what are the objectives of that specific marketing strategy that you will shortly implement.

Some of the main questions that a professional should ask himself in the strategic phase are precisely the ones we propose below. However, starting with a basic analysis, you will first understand what you need to obtain from this communication with the target market:

  • Acquiring new properties?
  • Selling a property that has been standing still for some time?
  • Generate leads?
  • Make the brand known?
  • Sponsor an event linked to your real estate agency?
  • Increase turnover?

As you can see, starting from the need, it will already be much easier to define the path to take. What does your business need right now? What should you focus on to improve your company? Do you know the theory of short, medium, and long-term goals?

During the strategic phase, it will therefore be necessary to pause to answer these questions before proceeding with the next steps.

Based on the objectives set, it will now be necessary to define which tools your marketing plan needs to be put into practice correctly. Some of the useful tools to enter the world of digital marketing could be:

  • Corporate website
  • Social network
  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Funnel

As already mentioned, those just listed are just some of the potentially useful tools to create your perfect real estate marketing plan; know that it will not be necessary to use them all and always for each strategy, but it will be absolutely important indeed, to understand with which of these tools you can best achieve the set goal.

The marketing plan for your real estate agency is taking shape and you probably won’t even realize it yet: the step between analysis and action is short, but fundamental!

During the strategic phase, the second necessary step is to eliminate the superfluous. All the tools you have used to do marketing in a traditional way, with good chances, will not all be so efficient and useful. It is precisely at this moment that you will have to realize that perhaps it will be necessary to stop some of the investments in progress.

This step is essential because it will be necessary to invest economically in your new marketing plan, having economic budgets available that are not too skimpy.

Know that the world of the web could really make your business take a qualitative leap and differentiate you from the competition, but you will have to be ready to take risks. After all, every self-respecting entrepreneur also knows the responsibility of corporate risk.

But those who carry out innovative projects, or even those who succeed in extraordinary feats, do not usually make themselves the protagonist of actions that may be out of line for most?


Operational phase

After the first phase, the one dedicated to the targeted strategy to be put into practice, the time has come to act by concretely structuring your real estate marketing plan.

Once all doubts have been eliminated, all you have to do is start navigating the waters of digital marketing with confidence!

During this part of the guide we have chosen not to dwell on theoretical preambles, to dedicate ourselves instead to a list of concrete actions to be taken:

  • Take care of your corporate website: what does it mean? The website of your real estate agent must be curated and able to make the potential customer perform a specific and thoughtful action, such as clicking on an ad, reading a blog article, informing about the new regulations, the necessary documentation, etc … Your website cannot remain a container of real estate proposals for their own sake.
  • Don’t forget social networks: many real estate professionals forget that social networks if used as professional channels, could turn into optimal tools for the acquisition of new customers, or to create authority and give greater visibility to the brand (which is not little!).
  • Email marketing:If you have a real estate agency started, you will also have a hard-won and hopefully properly maintained client database. So maybe you don’t know yet that using simple tools to generate emails to be sent massively to a large number of contacts, is fully part of digital marketing. In fact, there are many easy-to-use programs that, in a few simple clicks, can help you generate relationships with customers, create interest and curiosity. Of course, everything will always depend on the content, but we are sure that you will be able to communicate well.
  • Professional images:absolutely forbidden to take real estate photographs with a smartphone, at least those to be put online. If this unhealthy habit up to a few years ago could be indulged, now not anymore. The market is becoming more and more demanding, you have to present yourself at your best. Here then, you will have to work to create professional photo books to be sent online on sector portals and of course on your company channels. To succeed in this, there are many ways: you could think of investing in personal training by attending courses in interior photography and purchasing the right equipment, or by relying on an external professional to do it for you.
  • Online advertising: as you may have already noticed, there are many facets needed to build the perfect marketing plan for your real estate agency. However, there is a piece that must in no way be put aside: especially during an initial phase, investing in advertising on the web is extremely important. Sponsoring your channels, in a performing way, could make you reach an even higher percentage of potentially interested public, thus raising the bar of the authority of your brand and increasing the visibility of the agency. In fact, there are schools of thought that argue that you should never stop investing in online advertising. You will certainly know that to sponsor your face on the web, you can choose the way of social media or that of search engines: in both cases, make sure you are the master of this kind of instrument.
  • Funnel marketing:A certainly important branch of digital marketing is that linked to the world of funnels; during this reading, we will limit ourselves to explaining that creating an online funnel could have multiple purposes for your business. Thanks to the funnels, which are nothing more than digital funnels where potential leads enter following a series of mandatory steps, you can acquire leads that if well managed, could generate high ROI profits.

Why investing in digital marketing is worthwhile: here are the reasons

After having literally showered you with notions, let’s now analyze the reasons why investing in a marketing plan for your real estate agency could be one of your best investments.

  • Customer targeting: thanks to most of the tools used in web marketing to communicate, you will have the opportunity to profile your potential customers to the maximum. This result is already extraordinary in itself, as it will save you time and energy wasted instead of keeping up with customers who often turn out to be unsuitable for a real estate operation. You will agree with us in arguing that profiling well done,in your sector, is a crucial operation to arrive at the final result.
  • Lead acquisition: with tools such as funnel marketing or email marketing, you can generate new leads thus increasing your contact database. How much effort did it take before the advent of the web to succeed in this enterprise? A lot, we know!
  • Corporate visibility: an aspect on which we have already partly focused on is precisely that linked to visibility. Thanks to real estate web marketing, the visibility of your agency will increase exponentially. According to the law of large numbers, the more potential customers are attracted to your brand, the greater the chance of conversion, don’t you think?
  • Differentiation from the competition: to optimize this aspect to the maximum you will have to hurry! It is true, taking advantage of digital marketing channels will certainly make your real estate agency different from the competitor one, but do you know what the truth is? The truth is that the process of change is already underway, so soon the whole real estate sector will adapt to what will now seem like absolute novelties to you. So what to do in this case? Continue to keep up with the times and always be updated about all the possible cards to play to implement your real estate business.

Real estate marketing plan and successful business: seeing is believing!

We are sure that, almost at the end of this reading, it is practically impossible not to have been overwhelmed by the positive energy of all the facets of digital marketing. Building an effective marketing plan to improve your business is absolutely possible only if you are the first to believe in it.

After you have, of course, been properly informed, you just have to choose the best way to grow your brand.

As you may have noticed, the world of the web offers so many possibilities that it would be a real shame to waste and leave this aspect uncultivated. The results related to the yield of a marketing plan are too many and too important not to attribute the right value.

At this point you have two options:

  1. Train yourself first and then put the new teachings into practice;
  2. Rely on experienced professionals in the sector to guide you towards this new aspect of your business.

Whatever path you choose, know that with the right investments and the most stubborn perseverance, the results will come and will be surprising, we are sure.