How to Convert WebP Files to PNGs (4 Best Ways)

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No doubt that there are plenty of sources that assists you in convert Google WebP files to regular PNG images, but choosing one or more from them seems like a daunting task. That’s why here we are shortlisted few best WebP to PNG converter sites that lets you convert Google WebP images to PNG raster graphic files in an instant.

Well, before exploring these tools, you should beware of reason behind exporting WebP files as PNGs. Let’s find!

Why Convert WEBP to PNG?

You can find that both WebP (Google Web Picture) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) are the well-known graphic file formats around the internet. Although Google Picture provided you with 26 percent smaller file sizes as compared to PNGs, but still PNG raster images is recommended by experts just due to its highly compatible nature. And, a legitimate source of always serves you with best WebP to PNG converter that helps you in converting Google WebP to PNG graphic file without any quality loss.


Although this platform is best for working with Gif graphic file format, but it also loaded with free to use WebP to PNG converter that quickly save WebP as PNG file. The upside is that it allows you to open and use Google WebP files on your mobile, but prior to that you need to change them into PNG image files.

Moreover, it does not only lets you export WebP as PNG, but you can attain vice versa transformation within matter of seconds.

How to turn Google WebP to PNG?

  • Simply move to the official site of EZGIF and fetch its best WebP to PNG converter
  • Now, you simply hit on the Choose File button to quickly choose WebP image file and tap on the given upload button to start the file uploading process
  • Very next, it will allow you to crop, resize, rotate, add effects, insert text, and also assists to put overlay prior saving your new PNG graphic file. Or, you can just hit the “Convert to PNG” button perform conversion with this free WebP file to PNG converter
  • Finally, make a click on the provided “Save” button and lets this handy tool turn Google WebP file into PNG on your preferred storage

Also have a look at Vectorize images, the best solution is to use our JPG to SVG converter and PNG to SVG converter to get a high-quality vector file, ready to be resized.

Well, this is another web-based application that loaded with innumerable converters that helps you to make file transformation without any quality loss. No matter how many WebP images you want to export as PNG regular files, this WebP to PNG converter is 100% free and provided you with quality conversions.

Besides from turning WebP into PNG, it lets you deal with video, audio, document, PDF, and different other useful file types.

How to Convert Google WebP to PNG Online?

  • Navigate to the authorized source of “”
  • Then, upload Google WebP pictures into the toolbox of this converter
  • Hit Convert button
  • Wait for a while and download your converted PNG right now


If you are seeking for instant solution related to converting WebP images to PNGs, then Zamzar is another source that offers best WebP to PNG converter. You can fetch both free and paid converting service that lets you convert Google WebP files to certain other formats such as BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, and much more.

You just have to follow these given steps to quickly transform one or more Google Web Picture files to raster PNG images for free.

How to Save WebP as PNG Online?

  • Just open your web-based browser right now and move to the Zamzar website
  • Then, simply make a tap on the Add Files button to swiftly upload the Google WebP file
  • Very next, it’s time to choose the PNG raster graphic file as an output format, then make a click on the “Convert Now” button to proceed the conversion process further
  • Once all done, make an instant click on the given Download button to turn WebP into PNG file

Movavi’s WebP to PNG converter:

Well, give a try to WebP to PNG converter by Movavi’s and proceed with instant and accurate conversions from Google WebP to PNG image. Remember that its performance is not considerable, but it allow you to change WebP files to PNGs without degrading the original quality of file.

How to Convert Google WebP file to PNG?

  • Fetch official source of Movavi
  • Now, you need to download it and install the particular application on your system
  • Then, you ought to run the program
  • Very next, tap on the “+ Add Media”, it lets you select and upload WebP image file that you need to transform into PNG
  • Finally, you have to choose the “PNG” format from output selection source, then hit the “Convert” icon to save WebP as PNG image format


No matter whatever reason you have behind Google WebP file to PNG conversions, these discussed does all for you in matter of seconds. Good Luck!