How to Collect Civil ID in Kuwait

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Once you have submitted your request for Kuwait Civil ID, you need to collect your ID. Since the collection of the new or renewed ID is the sole responsibility of the requestor, it is crucial to know how one can collect its Kuwait Civil ID.

We will discuss two primary methods through which you can collect your ID. All of these are easy, but it mainly depends on your preference.

So, let us get to know how to collect civil ID in Kuwait.

Methods of Collection:

There are two main methods for the collection of civil ID. You can either have it collected from the ID machine or delivered to your home or office address.

Steps to collect your civil ID:

We will discuss both methods separately and in detail for your easy reference and understanding.

  •       How to collect civil ID through home delivery

A few important points to note while applying for home delivery of civil ID are that there is KD 2 per card, provide a valid delivery address, and mention your active contact number.

Step 1: Go to the PACI delivery service website and read the instructions.

Step 2:  Accept delivery service terms and conditions.

Step 3: Select from Old Civil Card or Old Civil Card not available option based on the availability of your card.

Step 4: Enter your civil ID and serial number in the boxes provided and click ADD button. You can add multiple IDs to get them delivered, and with each ID, the charges will increase by KD 2.

Step 5: Complete the form by mentioning your Name, Delivery Time, Phone Number, Email, and Preferred Contact Language.

Step 6:  After completing the delivery form, you get to the payment screen.

Step 7: Enter your bank details to make the payment.

Step 8: Once your payment is successful, and you get a receipt of the payment, which is downloadable in document form, or else you can print and save it for future reference.

Step 9  Your request is completed for delivery. The average delivery time is one week to ten days.

  •       How to collect civil ID through a machine

Step 1:  Visit the PACI office in person. To avoid delay, bring your machine number with you for reference.

Step 2: Insert your old civil ID card into the machine.

Step 3: Wait for a new card to jump out of the machine

Step 4: Collect your new card


Hopefully, you have obtained information on how to collect your civil ID in Kuwait. We have covered both methods. However, if you do not receive your ID within ten days, call the helpline or contact via email.