How to Clean Your Air Ducts with Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

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It’s important to note that cleaning your air ducts isn’t just about appearances; dirty ducts can actually increase the risk of airborne contaminants being distributed around your home or office, and they can also result in poor indoor air quality. If you have trouble breathing, sneezing, or coughing frequently, have allergies, or you notice a musty odor in your home or office, it may be time to consider commercial air duct cleaning in Brighton CO services. A clean air duct system isn’t just good for your health, it’s also a huge benefit to your home’s air quality and your energy efficiency

Dust can be removed by washing, but shouldn’t you know where it comes from?

If you’re considering hiring a commercial air duct cleaning in Brighton CO service, you should first ask whether or not they remove dust from the air before washing. The reason behind why they should do so is simple: they could be re-spreading that dust throughout your facility via an air vent rather than removing it completely. In fact, if they don’t clean all of your vents, you might as well have never hired them in the first place! Before hiring a air duct cleaning services, make sure they can provide proof of their services and offer multiple methods for getting rid of dust particles

Debris can accumulate within the ductwork, much like a chimney

Soot from smoking, animal hair and dander, tree pollen and dust. However, unlike a chimney, air ducts are hidden from view, making it difficult for homeowners to see when they need cleaning. Air duct cleaning is a method that uses high-powered vacuums and brushes or wipes to remove debris from air conditioning vents and heat registers. Air duct cleaning can be done on a regular basis as part of routine business maintenance or before you sell your commercial property. The EPA recommends air duct cleaning every three to five years. If you have allergies, you may want to consider commercial air duct cleaning in Brighton CO more often.

The HVAC equipment itself needs regular cleaning too and with Commercial Air Duct Cleaning it is possible

In addition to keeping your home healthy, maintaining your HVAC equipment will keep your utility bills at bay. An easy, at-home maintenance task is cleaning all of your air ducts. Many of us just change out our filters and think that’s enough. However, all of those crevices in your HVAC system can accumulate dust mites and mold spores over time, which can make you sick over time if they are not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis with commercial air duct cleaning services.

The Importance of Commercial Duct Cleaning Service: When was the last time you thought about what kind of air quality is circulating through your HVAC? For most people, it’s never even crossed their mind—until they get an asthma attack or discover their allergies acting up after a particularly bad night’s sleep.

Don’t stop with just your own home. Consider commercial air duct cleaning in Brighton CO as well

As a homeowner, cleaning your own home’s air ducts might seem like a simple enough task, but in reality it can be time-consuming and laborious. Considering that you’re already booking regular HVAC service appointments to keep your heating system running smoothly, why not book a cleaning too? Many local companies offer duct cleaning services alongside their other services so you don’t have to worry about finding a separate provider if that suits you better. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive option, there are even companies that offer full commercial HVAC services. This means they will clean and maintain both your heating and cooling systems, as well as replace filters and perform any necessary maintenance tasks on your units.

A little maintenance goes a long way toward achieving better indoor air quality.

When it comes to keeping your air ducts clean, a little maintenance goes a long way toward achieving better indoor air quality. There are certain steps you can take that won’t take much time at all but will make a big difference in extending the life of your system, ensuring you get its full functionality and making it easier for you to enjoy a healthier home environment. Consider these tips as ways to ensure that your air duct system doesn’t cause you or your family problems. If you have questions about how to properly maintain your commercial air duct cleaning system, contact us today!


Air duct cleaning may not be the most exciting topic, but it’s an important one nonetheless. It can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and prevent mold growth, which can save you money on energy costs and air quality treatment in the long run.