How to capitalize on large families: six practical benefits

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Top 6 practical benefits of having multiple offspring

clothing… As you know, children grow up quite quickly, and a thing bought for an older child, especially a high-quality one, very soon passes into the possession of the next in seniority. In the modern world, this is convenient, since many things, even for children, have begun to be produced in the unisex style, so no problems will arise.

Toys… When there are three or more children in a family, it becomes difficult to choose toys for each individually, especially since many youngsters, as a rule, behave worse than the most intrusive collection offices, necessarily at the most inopportune moment encroaching on the sacred right of ownership of their neighbor, that is, a sister or brother … Fortunately, there is a very simple way out of this situation. It makes sense to purchase one large gift for all available children. It is worth buying something that the kids could play together. We are talking about motorcycle tracks, railways, pools with balls and others, in every sense, great children’s joys.

Holidays… When there are a lot of people in the house, it’s always fun. Especially for the holidays. And the most important holiday is birthday, and also New Year, of course. A large family has one undeniable advantage. Even if your child has not yet had time to make friends, he will always have many guests at his birthday – his brothers and sisters.

Upbringing… In the world of children, there is one immutable rule that no adult can change. Children copy the behavior of other children, imitate them. However, an intelligent adult can turn this state of affairs to his own good. If you bring up an older child correctly and instill in him moral and ethical standards in time, the next children, copying the older child’s behavior, will behave accordingly.

Stress tolerance… Raising and raising a child is hard work. Parents are under tremendous pressure. In a large family, this load grows significantly. But over time, overcoming life’s difficulties, parents become less susceptible to external stimuli. It is no longer so easy to throw them off balance. The level of their resistance to stress is significantly higher than in the average family.

Demographic plus… If a family is a unit of society, then a large family is a reinforced concrete-granite unit. You raise demographic indicators, thereby becoming the main engine of the country’s entire demographic policy. And you just need to be proud of this!

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