How to build a revenue generating food delivery app?

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Digitization has transformed the world of food and restaurant industry by introducing some of the most awe-inspiring technical advancement. These advancements are helping restaurants and other food suppliers to cater to their customers 24*7. 


Nowadays, due to the busy schedule, people prefer ordering their food online, as they don’t want to stand in long queues and wait for the food they order. To deliver instant services to their customers, restaurants are exploring mobile app development


As a food delivery startup, you have to figure out certain technicalities before investing in your idea like features, market analysis, design & development process, technology integration and much more. 


The process of mobile app development can be complicated for restaurant owners to understand. But if you are interested in expanding your user base, then here is the blog for you to learn more about it. 

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How to build a food delivery app?

  • Research the market trends & start planning


Research in-depth and find the new technique you can insert into your app. Then, examine the market and grab the features which are not available in other online food delivery apps. Prioritise the needs of your customers and then initiate the planning.


  • Finalise the major feature


After conducting the research for your business, you need to finalise the main & the unique features for your app. 

  • UI/ UX design to consider


Designing an app is also the most challenging task. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while selecting the design for an application. 


  • Choose the right technology partner 


You need to understand the needs of your business and then be able to find the correct partners that will match your requirements. Select them based on their portfolio & working experience. 

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Common Features Of A Food Ordering App 


After knowing the developing process for an application, you also need to look at the top features of food ordering apps.


Here are some!

  • Easy Payment Option


Payments play an essential role in all businesses. To make the payment process much more fruitful and straightforward, a customer should get every payment option listed in your food delivery app. 


Mobile wallet application services like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Cash On Delivery (COD) & more options. You can also offer vouchers and promo codes.

  •   Push Notification


It assists businesses in sticking with the customers. Such messages help to deliver information, like discounts, offers, location-based dropped notes, etc. You need to target the user at the right time through the right content. 

  • GPS tracking


One of the top features of food delivery apps is GPS, which allows users to track the location of their meal. It also helps identify the user’s location to the delivery person. 


After the confirmation of the area, it becomes easy for users to track the movement of the delivery personnel.


GPS helps the food delivery apps to provide the best experience to the consumers.

  • Easy order placement


If the order placement is available in easy steps in an application, it will be more preferred by the users. The customers should get an option in placing an order to discover more about their needs. 

  • Feedback from the customers


Every business & mobile apps need customer’s genuine feedback & ratings for their future updates. This is the best way for any business to grow essentially. The more positive ratings & feedback will get, the more users to the app.


Types Of Food Delivery Apps 

  1. Order focused

Here someone from the application will connect with the restaurants & their users. They pass the meal orders to the restaurants & are not responsible for the delivery. The place where the order is gone has to be accountable for the delivery to the customers. 


  1. Delivery focused 


The app provides the options in choosing the venue and gives the delivery service to their partner restaurants. They ensure the top quality food delivery to the users.

  1. Whole food delivery service providers


The application created by the developers will focus on fulfilling the complete service to their users. They provide quality food & fast delivery to the customers. 




Now you must be having a clear understanding about the food ordering app development procedure. If you need more knowledge about the involved technicalities then make sure to connect with the best food ordering app development company.


They will be able to help you with everything from market analysis to launch. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts and expand your user base today!