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Today, the most common method of making money through bookmakers’ offices is sports betting. They are especially popular when it comes to tennis as there are many fans of this game in all corners of our planet. When getting involved in betting, it is important to remember that a stable income is impossible without the use of analytics and theoretical knowledge about the sport itself. Only after having studied all the features of sports and existing strategies, you can proceed to make real money. In this case, it is necessary to choose a reliable bookmaker, using the relevant rating, which can be found on sports-dedicated platforms.

Tennis predictions for today are very much in demand because any bookmaker accepts bets for tennis, and this sport is very popular in the betting world. The betting process is very similar to any other sport, but there are some peculiarities that are related to the game features. It is by knowing these peculiarities that one can become a good bettor.

What features you need to know about this sport

Court tennis has three main categories: men’s (ATP), women’s (WTA), and doubles with two players per team. The most popular are the individual tournaments. In the men’s and women’s categories, matches are divided into sets, in which players have to take 6 or more games. With equal play and a score of 5 to 5, the tennis player needs to win two games in a row, and when a score is 6:6, a tie-break is awarded. Women’s competitions are held until one of the athletes wins in two sets. And when it comes to men’s tournaments, it depends on the tournament level and there may be three sets.

There are many tournaments in tennis. It is quite difficult for a beginner to immediately understand their classification and what significance they have for the ranking performance of athletes. The main championships include the men’s ATP tournaments and women’s WTA tournaments. The Grand Slam tournaments are considered to be the most prestigious. They are held in the following countries: the US Open – held in New York (USA) and closes the series of competitions in late summer, the Australian Open (Australia) – opens the session in early January at the Melbourne courts, Wimbledon (UK) and the French Open or Roland-Garros (France) – the open championship brings together the best racket of the world. There are also nine must-win tournaments: three Masters tennis tournaments in the U.S., the others are held in Monaco, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, and China. These matches have a wide action line in any bookmaker’s office.

The ATP Challenger tour or the ATP Challenger Series and the ITF competitions have a lower level. Here mostly athletes of average qualification play, and not all of them are in the line of bookmakers. It is easier to win with high odds in these tournaments because sensational events happen more often.

The men’s Davis Cup and the women’s Billie Jean King Cup launched as the Federation Cup are very important tournaments for national competitions.

All tournaments are held throughout the year, and any of them can bring income through bets if bettors are well versed in tennis and have information about the weaknesses and strengths of tennis players. But, of course, it is better to opt for the high-status competitions, where there are no rigged matches, and athletes have high motivation.

How the odds are calculated in case of withdrawal

Situations, when a tennis player withdraws, should be considered separately. This happens very rarely but still happens. And betting enthusiasts should know how to behave in such situations, and what the consequences can be. Basically, if such an unpleasant situation occurs, the bookmaker can calculate the bet in different ways. It depends on the bookmaker’s rules for the bet placed. There are several possible scenarios when bets are credited:

  • If a single ball is played. In this situation, all bets made on the player who withdrew become lost.
  • If one game is won. If the first game is over, all bets on the withdrawing player are lost. If the game is not over, all bets are refunded.
  •  Bets are counted when one, two, or three sets are played. Different betting offices indicate the number of sets at their discretion. A bookmaker refunds bets when the indicated number of sets is not completed.
  • In case the match is over. Most bookmakers prefer to calculate bets when the match is complete. In other situations, bets are refunded.

A few positive points for betting

Since the game of tennis is a single sport, tennis players will not be able to play, and at the same fail to play, as in soccer, for instance. Players can roll the ball for 90 minutes and not score a single goal. This is not possible in tennis – a player can’t act like that and still get paid. A tennis player has to play to win. The game cannot be played by two non-playing athletes. It is played by both athletes who do their best by one of them who becomes the winner. But fans, in either case, will see bright interesting moments, enjoy the game. After all, there is no scoreless game in tennis ere.

Many sports have substitutions – before the match, during the game. But bettors place bets based on the declared squad of the team, and when the substitution takes place, the chances of losing the bet increase, and, unfortunately, there is no way to change it. In tennis it is much easier – only those athletes who are announced at a certain time before the match will play. And should a substitution happen, the bet is refunded.

A referee’s error or someone’s interest has minimal chances in tennis. The referees have no way to influence the gameplay, no matter how much they want to, unlike other sports where referees can adjust the game in their favor with penalties and removals.

When it comes to tennis betting, It is important to remember one essential rule – never place a bet without analysis. Carefully analyze everything, even the smallest details of the upcoming game, search for information and read the opinions of sports analysts. Don’t forget that each category – women’s tennis, men’s tennis, and doubles – has certain subtleties that are important to consider before placing a bet.