How to apply for maternity capital in Germany

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Maternity capital is a measure of state support for Russian families in which a second child was born or adopted since 2007 (as well as the third and subsequent ones, if the right to maternity capital has not been formalized before).

From January 1, 2020, you can apply for maternity capital with the birth of your first child. The payment amount will be 466 617 rubles. For families in which a second child was born (adopted) in 2020, the amount of maternity capital is increased by 150 thousand rubles and will amount to 616 617 rubles.

Service Bureau MK Services reminds that maternity capital can be issued only once. It is up to you to submit documents after the birth of the first or second child.

What should you know about maternity capital?

► The mother (Russian woman) can issue maternity capital for the second born (adopted), and from 2020 and the first, the child (also a citizen of the Russian Federation).

► It is possible to issue maternity capital to the father (citizen of the Russian Federation) if he is the only parent (adoptive parent). That is, if the mother of these children died or was deprived of parental rights.

► If the father is Russian and the mother is foreign, then, according to the law, maternity capital is not formalized.

► After registration of maternity capital and obtaining a certificate, funds can be received only by bank transfer and cannot be cashed. Any schemes for cashing these funds are illegal.

► You can spend these funds only on the territory of Russia for the following needs of the child: improving housing conditions, including paying off the mortgage loan, paying for education (the educational institution is located on the territory of the Russian Federation), increasing the funded part of the labor pension of matter.

► Funds from maternity capital cannot be used to pay for medical treatment, a car or a land plot.

► You can dispose of maternity capital funds after three years from the birth (adoption) of the second (third and all subsequent, if maternity capital was not previously registered) child.

The registration of maternity capital is handled by the Russian Pension Fund.

Service Bureau MK Services will help you prepare a package of documents and deliver it to the Pension Fund of Russia. We will help you fill out an application that you sign in the presence of the consul, we will certify copies of documents in the notary department, we will make the necessary translations certified by a notary. To register maternity capital, you need SNILS, as well as the born child must have Russian citizenship. If you do not have it yet, call us, we will help you arrange it. Contact us on the multichannel telephone 069 99 99 80 96.

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