How Small Decorating Touches Can Make Your Home Look Amazing

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Do you want your home to look eye-stopping gorgeous? Many of us want to live in a beautifully decorated home, one that could be in a magazine. How do you create that one-of-a-kind editorial look in your space and prevent the stuff from accumulating?

It is a challenge, but the great news is you can get that look by putting a few design fundamentals in place. To help get you started, here are seven style secrets that help you get the decore you really want.


Designing a room in different tones of one color is called color blocking and the results can be astounding. The best way to get this color tone match is by choosing a paint color that goes with a favorite piece of furniture and finding patterns of the same color for other additions to the room, or even a complementary color or two for accessories like pillows. In a bathroom, you might choose walls to complement pedestal sinks or tiles. Color can work even in small spaces. You can keep the color from becoming too overwhelming by using one soft neutral color on the floor or on a rug.

Add Sophistication

Giving a space an artsy or sophisticated look is about adding a small amount of a pattern or a color in an interesting way.

For instance, you could paint the trim of your doorway and create an interesting entrance that gives color to your home.

Hang Long Drapes

There is a secret to hanging drapery that will improve the beauty of your rooms. Hang your drapes from the top of the wall to the floor, even when the window doesn’t go so high. Higher curtains draw attention to the height of the space and add drama and design to the room. Make your drapery an important part of the decor and a focal point of your home.

Use Complementary Colors

Color is an important element in space. Make spaces stand out when you use them sparingly and make them the focal points of a room. Use different compliments. Instead of using red and blue, use pink and peacock.

Paint Your Ceiling

Add color to your ceiling. It draws the eye up and adds height to your room.

Add Drama With Window Treatments

Window treatments can add a big difference to the room. Something like bamboo blinds add a modern look that filters the daylight and can save you energy. Window treatments can add a pop of color to a room or can blend things together, letting other focal points take the stage.

Set the Mood With Lamps and Lighting

Add lighting to a room to give it a romantic or a modern feel. Lighting makes a statement and you can use floor lamps, sconces, pendants, or chandeliers to get the look and mood you want.

Use lamps or dimming switches in rooms where you want a cozy ambiance and track lighting where you want a room to feel bright and open.

Area Rugs Add Depth and Warmth

Hardwood floors look modern and elegant but you need a cool area rug to make them stand out. Even when you don’t have hardwood floors, area rugs can bring out the beauty of tile or any other floor in the house.

Art and Favorite Objects

Making a house feel like home takes adding a personal touch and what better way than through art. Decorate with art slowly and take time to gather favorite objects. Experiment by moving them around the house to see where they feel best.

Use a Focal Point

Every person has that one piece of furniture they love. Make a statement with that piece, some artwork, or even a plant. A statement piece adds depth to the room and can give you something central around which to decorate the rest of the room.

Mix Your Textures

Mix different textures in a room. Add a knit throw on a velvet or leather sofa. Add a wooden crate and a modern lamp on top. There is no limit on combining textures. Just be sure you don’t go overboard.

Design today is about mixing and matching. Trial and error work but you can also get a few ideas by following these tips and looking for decor ideas you can create for your own home.