How quickly faulty elevators should be repaired in Volgograd

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Volgograd experts told who is obliged to service lifts in multi-storey buildings and why it is often necessary to wait for a master for a long time.

The elevator belongs to the common property of the residents, therefore the management company is responsible for its maintenance. But in the UK itself there are no specialists who can repair this complex equipment. Therefore, you have to conclude an agreement with specialized organizations.

Elevators are not responsible directly to the residents; all issues with them must be resolved by the Criminal Code.

In the event of a lift breakdown, residents must submit a request to the emergency dispatch service, the telephone is always located in the lift cabins.

– Localize accidental damage is required within half an hour from the moment of registration of the application by the dispatcher, – told the correspondent of “Vecherny” in the inspection of the State Housing Supervision Service. The term for elimination of elevator malfunctions is no more than one day. Such a standard is established by the Resolution of the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation of September 27, 2003 No. 170.

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