How Much Should You Charge For Crafting An Affordable Logo Design?

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After putting a lot of energy into my Affordable logo design business by doing it as a freelancer, I have thought long and hard about developing my business. How can my team and I be more productive, profitable, and efficient? Later, I came to know that I should review my Custom logo prices. Here in this post, I have kept it simple for my clients and me by charging a fixed price. Though I don’t feel this is not the right approach in today’s market conditions, especially if I want to build a successful business. As all Graphic designers know that some projects take a considerable amount of time, and in some cases, your work has more value to the business.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with one of my friends and a fellow designer shared an excerpt from his blog, The Ultimate Guide to logo design agency, where he probes into an explanation of value-based pricing. I have had in-depth research on this insight and will review my prices and sales process accordingly. In my friend’s blog, I loved the pricing section, and he was kind enough to allow me to share it in my post.



 In simple words, pricing your Affordable logo design comes down to one thing, i.e., value. Value is regarded that something justified. Its importance, usefulness, and worth of something. One question that most the new Graphic designers ask me are that “How much should I charge for a logo design?” There is no doubt that this is a valid and obvious question, but one that cannot be decided universally is your Custom logo design rates are not one-size-fits-all types of scenarios. And indeed, that’s the beauty of it. We, as logo designers, have opportunities to price our logo on the basis of the value each one of us provides. Value-based pricing is all around us.

Let’s take Starbucks, for example. Starbucks sells a cup of coffee at a premium price of $3. On the other hand, the street cup of coffee at McDonald’s goes for $1. Customers are ready to pay a premium price, but only if there is enough value to boost into that $3 you are about to hand the Starbucks cashier. Let us assume a Graphic designer makes a custom logo for only $50. If you ask these logo designers if they think their Affordable logo design services are worth $50. They would probably say “no way. “


In order to figure out this dilemma, I have explored the root of this decision and the role we play in the cheapening of our work. Below are a few reasons we can settle for pricing our logo design services at a low price.

1. FEAR:

Not knowing where the next project is coming from can be a scary thing. Everybody has bills to pay, expenses to cover, and taxes to plan for. Fear has a crippling nature. It only has a numbing effect on our decision-making but stunts our creativity too. We shouldn’t let fear put a strangle-hold on how we rate our Graphic designers, and I’m mentioning creativity.


You are a creative geek who only wants to stick to that; being creating. And this is completely understandable. But there is another world that many designers are not aware of. I’m talking about SEO, analytics strategy, conversion-centered design, heat mapping, and conversion rate testing.

This was a complete guide that explains how much you should price for your Custom logo service. If you are looking for someone that makes an affordable logo design for your business, then ProDesigns is the best place to find it. They have a team of experienced Graphic designers who are experts in converting all your needs into reality.