How Much Do Surrogate Mothers Get Paid?

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Most women choose to become surrogate mothers to give the generous gift of parenthood to couples wanting a child but not able to get pregnant due to various reasons. While most women take this decision for a sense of fulfillment, it is not wrong to ask about your compensation, as surrogacy is an emotionally, physically, and mentally investing process. As a token of appreciation, many intended parents pay you for your efforts, time, and energy. If you consider becoming a surrogate mother, you may want to know how much you can get paid.

Let us learn the factors and other considerations of how much surrogates can get paid-

How Much do Surrogate Mothers Get Paid?

Here are the things covered under the surrogate mother compensation-

Base compensation:

The base compensation is the flat rate negotiated before the embryo is transferred in the initial stages. This payment is for the time the surrogate mother will spend with the intended parents throughout the year, from screenings and assessments to delivery, physical demands, and emotional demands of surrogacy, time, dedication, and sacrifice. The base compensation is paid monthly once the attending doctor confirms the pregnancy. The base compensation rates start from around $35,000 for new surrogates. On the other hand, experienced surrogates are paid more due to their experience.

Traveling expenses:

If the surrogate mother is not from the same city as the intended parents, or the clinic chosen by the intended parents is located far away from the surrogate mother’s location, the parents will provide money for the traveling expenses. Any other traveling done by the surrogate mother during pregnancy for the intended parents will also be covered by the surrogacy compensation.

Supplemental payments:

A surrogate mother will also get payments for various additional procedures and discomfort that she will go through. The extra charges include:

  • Medical screenings.
  • Surrogacy attorney fees.
  • Medications and cycling fees.
  • Maternity clothing.
  • Any other allowance is needed during the pregnancy.

If the surrogate mother carries twins or undergoes a c-section delivery, she will be paid extra in those cases. You may also get payments for housekeeping, child care, bed rest, lost wages, provision of breast milk, and others.

What are the Factors Affecting Surrogacy Compensation?

As a commercial surrogate mother who carries a baby for someone they did not know before, you will receive a base compensation. Other payments during the surrogacy procedure, like traveling expenses, maternity clothes, etc., will not directly depend on the surrogate mother or the intended parents. However, the base compensation is negotiable in the beginning stages before the contract is signed and can depend on many factors like-

Factor #1- Budget of the intended parents:

Every intended parent has a set budget for their surrogacy procedures. Since every individual has their limits and requirements, the surrogacy agency will make sure you work with a couple or individual who is ready to pay what you ask for.

Factor #2- Your experience with surrogacy:

Your experience as a surrogate determines the base compensation. If you are a first-time surrogate, you will not know much about surrogacy and how the entire procedure works. You will need more support to understand the working of surrogacy. You may also need several counseling sessions apart from the initial psychological screening to control your emotions during hormonal changes in the pregnancy. At the same time, intended parents are supposed to pay more to the experienced surrogate mothers as they finely understand the procedure and all changes they will go through during their terms. A professional surrogate knows what will affect them during the pregnancy and can explain their requirements better to the doctors, surrogacy lawyers, and the intended family.

Factor #3- Policies of the surrogacy agency:

Every agency has different surrogacy policies that govern a surrogate mother’s payments. Make sure you understand all the terms of your chosen surrogacy agency before agreeing and signing the contract. If you do not like any conditions, you can ask your surrogacy lawyer to get them changed.

When Does Surrogacy Payment Begin?

Surrogate mothers are paid every month once the doctor confirms the pregnancy. To ensure the pregnancy, the doctor checks the heartbeat of the baby. A surrogate mother can get a payment starting from $35,000. She can use this money for any purpose, including purchasing a new home, paying their children’s education fees, starting a business, paying off their student loans, etc.

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