How Moldovans Get to Transnistria

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The possibilities of entering the territory of Transnistria are limited by the Operational Headquarters for the Prevention and Prevention of the Spread of Coronavirus.

Before crossing the border, it is necessary to send an application to the crisis center of the city in which there is an intention to stay at least one day in advance, the phones can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PMR. The document indicates the period of the visit, purpose, identity document. Having received the answer, you can go. Those who test negative for coronavirus do not need to be quarantined for two weeks. But all of the above formalities can be disregarded if the traveler has completed the full course of vaccination. It is enough to present a passport confirming the receipt of the vaccination. Also, in agreement with the Operational Headquarters (e-mail, you can enter the territory of Transnistria for 12 hours without being sent to quarantine.