How Does Flooring Software Help In Inventory Management?

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In the flooring and tiling industry, inventory management is crucial. Inventory management inaccuracy may cause you to dwell on pricey but underused inventory products, effectively blocking your capital money. In addition, failing to comprehend customer wants and requirements may result in adequate supply of hot-selling commodities. Any type of estimation error can disrupt the entire workflow, resulting in client dissatisfaction. For example, you may frequently encounter instances in which a service has been promised to a customer but cannot be performed on time due to a lack of necessary tools, materials, or equipment on hand.

What are the requirements for efficient inventory management in the flooring industry?

Transparent and real-time cross-departmental communication is critical for ineffective inventory management. In order to close the gap between supply and demand. While reaching the needed transparency and real-time accuracy in communication is tough, improved results can be easily accomplished with the help of automation.

Inventory management can be aided by flooring inventory management software. The implementation of such software suites instils numerous reformation practices that benefit the total service delivery chain while also maintaining a seamless workflow. Here is a list of excellent practices that can be maintained with the help of a flooring app.

Clear visibility of inventory stocks

Without proper insight of inventory stocks, job scheduling can lead to an uncomfortable situation. To keep himself informed about supply availability, the manager usually depends on phone calls or weekly inventory reports. However, these procedures do not guarantee accuracy.

What’s needed here is for a salesperson to be able to change the client’s inventory requirement on a centralized database as soon as he closes a deal. So that the procurement manager is informed and can take the necessary steps to ensure that the stocks are easily available.

Once the supply is ready, the job-scheduling manager should be alerted so that he may assign the job to a service agent(s) and notify the client of the service status and expected time.

This is how the entire workflow should be structured, with complete openness and clear communication between all stakeholders, so that everyone is held accountable for their job responsibilities. Flooring software facilitates this specific work ethic.

Sales agent access to flooring inventory management software

Each sales agent can have the flooring app installed on their personal devices. As soon as they crack a sale, they can raise the ticket for inventory requirements.

The procurement team can check the requirements can stock the inventory accordingly. This way they can avoid making expenses on those items that are not in demand shortly. thus avoids blocking of capital.

Real-time visibility of field activities 

The flooring inventory management software allows the job-scheduling manager to have real-time visibility of the field activities. He can check the serviceman availability, his proximity to job location, as well as the inventory stocks, and accordingly, allocate jobs among his workforce. This way he can ensure zero hindrance in the workflow.

Also, the software allows the manager to automatically share the list of material, tools, and equipment with service agents so that they can carry products necessary for the service execution.

Successful inventory management is one of the benefits of using flooring software, whereas the software is a helpful tool to manage various aspects related to a flooring field operations such as geo attendance of field agents, job-scheduling, accounts and invoicing, tracking live locations of field agents, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Using Flooring Management Software?

Because flooring is a field-based service, you must not overlook the issues that field workers confront in order to make your flooring business more scalable and controllable. Your field staff requires excellent back-end support to complete flooring projects properly. Jobs must be correctly distributed; travel routes must be streamlined; updates and alerts must be issued on time; follow-ups and coordination must be consistent; field data recording and customer connectivity must be simple; and real-time information access is required. If these operational issues are not addressed, the field workforce’s efficiency will undoubtedly be harmed.

Flooring software is an all-in-one solution for controlling and streamlining field operations so that field workers are more efficient and services are provided on time. The software provides automated solutions for a variety of field difficulties, including the following:

Improve your understanding of the business

It is critical to have precise business insights in order to improve your flooring services. So that you have a clear picture of what is supporting your business, such as who is your star performer, which days or months are the most profitable, what inventory stocks need to be refilled frequently, and which stocks are blocking your capital money in the inventory. The flooring estimating software has complex analytics that aid with budget estimates, service demand analyses, performance analysis, and cost comparisons, among other things.

Control data from a single dashboard

As you may be aware, managing numerous types of data such as customer service contracts, service quotes, inventory details, service and sales reports, work order details, and so on is necessary when completing flooring projects. The flooring software aids proper data management by allowing all corporate data to be stored in an one database. This allows data to be accessed in real time and from a single dashboard. The field worker, service manager, and other stakeholders can view and work on the data as needed with valid access permission.

Increase on-time delivery.

A flooring inventory management software streamlines and simplifies job scheduling. Rather than assigning work at random, the service manager can use the software to assign jobs to the closest available field personnel and assure speedy turnaround. What role does software play in job scheduling? The service manager can use the software to track field workers’ live whereabouts, keep track of their check-in and check-out times, and collaborate with them in real time. As a result, the manager has a clearer view of the field actions. As a result, he can make more precise pledges to clients, assign projects appropriately, and ensure timely completion.


Flooring software is a smart and modern alternative for managing your field operations because it automates many back-end procedures like job scheduling, route planning, updates and notifications, data management, inventory management, and more. By lowering the likelihood of errors connected with human handling, this streamlines processes and improves the efficiency of field operations and field workers. As a result, a more fluid workflow can be maintained, and services can be completed on time.