How do write resumes for teens?

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Teens seeking their first job may need to prepare a professional résumé. To create a favorable impression on a prospective employer, your resume should be well-organized and highlight your most pertinent talents. It is much simpler to write a resume when you have a template and some suggestions to help you get started.

In this post, we share examples of resume examples for teens as well as writing ideas and recommendations.

What Is a Resume Builder?

A resume builder is an interactive software tool that utilizes industry-specific resume templates with your preferred design aesthetic. You may modify the templates’ colors, fonts, sizes, and layout, among other variables.

Why Maintain a Resume?

  • It distinguishes pupils from others. High school kids may not require a resume for service-oriented professions, but a resume will impress a potential employer and set them apart from other candidates if they are seeking an internship or a more professional position.
  • It demonstrates their sense of responsibility. Employers want to know that an employee will be trustworthy. This may be indicated on a high school resume via past job experience, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work, all of which reflect a dedication to obligations.
  • It emphasizes their ambition. An essential component of a high school resume is a listing of extracurricular activities. Volunteering and participation in extracurricular activities demonstrate to potential employers that a high school student has the enthusiasm and commitment that are always desirable in employment. In addition, being on the honor roll demonstrates that a kid is diligent.
  • It is useful for recommendation letters. When it’s time for students to request references or letters of recommendation from instructors, counselors, and past employers, a resume can assist remind them of what you’ve accomplished and why you’re suitable for a particular position.

How to Write a Resume for High School

The resume examples for teens will differ slightly from that of a professional. Here is a recommended appearance order for the following essential sections:

  1. Objective. It is prudent to customize your CV for each job application. Typically, this involves modifying the purpose for high school pupils. The aim should be tailored to the employer’s requirements, showcase the student’s credentials for the position, and use the employer’s keywords or phrases from the job advertisement.
  2. Experience. If the student has had previous employment, he or she will want to emphasize the work they accomplished there to demonstrate that they are responsible and capable of handling job responsibilities.
  3. Skills. Students in high school will naturally have employable abilities, such as computer and internet research skills because they have likely utilized them in school and in their personal lives. Other transferable skills, such as customer service, interpersonal communication, and attention to detail, might also be emphasized.
  4. Multiple activities. Volunteering and extracurricular activities may set students apart from their peers. Even if a student just volunteered for a single semester, the experience gained is still valuable.
  5. Instruction Students can just identify their high school, but they should also highlight any accomplishments, such as being on the honor roll or enrolling in advanced classes.

It is also recommended to utilize action verbs such as assisted, assisted, planned, and handled when describing the student’s past experiences. These words assist the employer in imagining an engaged pupil.

After a student has finished his or her résumé, it is essential to have a trusted adult examine it, preferably a teacher or counselor. It is also vital to proofread thoroughly, since employers will notice and evaluate misspellings.

The Best Sample Resume Format

Formatting your teenage resume is the next crucial step. Your resume for teens should flow naturally so that hiring managers do not waste time searching for pertinent information.

In this style, your education comes first, followed by your abilities and volunteer experience, and finally your professional ambition. This style is utilized when a person is new to the job.

This strategy places greater emphasis on your skills and accomplishments than on your academic background and other variables. It is also a good structure for a teenager’s résumé.

This format combines the two previously mentioned formats. It would be beneficial if you specified your qualifications before proceeding to further sections.

Create A Cover Letter That Accommodates Your Resume Precisely.

Unless otherwise specified in the job description, always include a cover letter to impress recruiters. Your cover letter should be one page long and begin with a quick introduction of yourself, why you are interested in the position, and your skills. Instead of deviating from the job description, focus on what is pertinent. Include your contact information, such as your phone number and email address, in your cover letter.


That’s all there is! Now that you know how to create resume examples for teens, ensure that it is only one page long and that everything is relevant.