How do I Get a Collision Report in Alberta?

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To get a collision report in Alberta, you need to do some obligatory procedures. This article will provide complete guidance on getting a collision report in Alberta.

First thing first – after getting a shocking collision, ensure safety first. If you are suffering a minor injury, take a picture of the accident on your mobile. Then go to the nearest hospital to have some instant medics.

On the other hand, if you face a major injury, try to reach the nearest hospital without any delay. Make sure drivers and passengers are safe. Or call the emergency help center to get immediate help.

Now come to the main point.

Collision Report in Alberta – Details

In case of a traffic collision, reporting is permissible in Alberta. For general accidents, you are rightful to make a collision report. Moreover, you can make an Alberta accident report on behalf of others. 

You can either go to the nearest police station and file the form online as follows:


Image: Collision Report form in Alberta

How to Fill up the Form

To fill-up up the form, provide accurate information about the blank section. See the important parts of the paper.

  • Place the applicant’s name, and 
  • Select your position in vehicles (i.e. driver, passenger or pedestrian)
  • Provide a valid police file number and collision case number
  • Mention the business name requesting the report form
  • Add a valid phone number
  • Select business type and title
  • Put collision street address, city or town
  • Add drivers info as per the required field
  • Finally, submit the form

Payment: There has a fixed charge of $15.00. In addition, $0.75 will be added as GST(Goods and services tax). So, a total of $15.75 will be charged for report submission.

Requirements for Form Submission

The following is required to submit the report form. Just see the details and complete reporting without any problem.

  • If you are reporting on behalf of others, it requires an authorization sign and full name printed or typed.
  • The exact positioning of the complainer on the vehicle needs clear mentioning. 
  • You need to pay ($15+$0.75 GST) for each form request.

NOTE: Generally, the original report form is kept for 10 years before destruction. But, copies of fatal collision reports may be held for around 25 years.

What to do After a Collision in Alberta

Major injuries don’t provide any chances of setting up any report most of the time. A serious injury requires immediate treatment. Therefore, an instant injury report is avoidable in such a case.

What should you do if you are not injured or made the collision your fault?

Make the collision report within 24 hours of an accident taking place. However, when you cannot recognize the offender, note the collision situation on the report as much as you can. 

Subsequently, leave a detailed note with your signature if you hit a parked vehicle and do not find the owner.

You need to knock the insurance company with a collision report during your treatment or loss. Add about your damages in detail. Includes injuries, whether it is for vehicles or properties.

What happens if you are not filling any Collision Reports in Alberta?

You will probably lose insurance support if you don’t make the report. Regardless of finding the fault of drivers, inform the insurance company quickly.

Not reporting within 24 hours means there is no collision on the roadside. Therefore, the insurance company will not provide you with any compensation for damages.

On the other hand, serious injury matters need treatment first. The limited duration will automatically be extended in case of a serious collision. You can submit the report with the medical information even after the regular period.

If you delay reporting with a reasonable clause, insurance benefits will not exclude. So, make sure you make a collision report on time if there are no big injury issues. Otherwise, the insurance policy will be declared void.


After the collision, report submission requires payment and form fill-up procedures. Completing all mandatory report submission procedures to the nearest police station will provide you with an accurate Collison report. The collision report helps claim rightful insurance compensation arising out of an accident.